How to Treat Back Acne?

Acne is bad enough and worse is back acne. The breakouts often go unattended, as we cannot see them as much as we can see the acne on our face. But that does not imply that they should remain like that, without being remedied.

If you are a party lover, you can forget your open back dresses, as back acne are sure to spoil the entire bare back look. So, can we prevent and get rid of it? Of course! A few steps and you are there.

Acne, be it anywhere are caused by clogged pores. So the foremost step will be to unclog these blocked pores by washing the area regularly. Do not neglect your back area and remember to scrub your back well while showering which will help to remove dead cells, dirt and anything else that needs to be removed.

Exfoliation is of utmost importance. After shower, moisturize your back well with gentle aloe vera cream or Green tea acne cream, which are known to have nourishing and healing effects.

Flush out the toxins by drinking adequate amount of water. Also, pay attention to your diet. Too greasy or fried food should be avoided, especially for those who are already suffering from a breakout. The cleaner your internal system is, the faster your acne will disappear.

If you are suffering from back acne already, do not try to get rid of them by squeezing or popping them. Leave them be, and continue with the acne removal regime for them to get eradicated naturally.

Sometimes, tight clothes make the acne cases even more severe. As these clothes barely leave much space for the body to breathe, and also make the skin rub against the material more, the situation might get aggravated. In these cases, loose fitting clothes work well.

Use medicated back acne creams that will prevent the infection from furthering itself.

Since excess oil secretion is the causal agent of back acne, it is better to go for water-based body products in the long run.

Love your body and take care of it and the results will show. Soon you will be saying goodbye to back acne forever!