How To Treat Acne Well

acne Acne has a bad reputation of occurring at the worst time. Nothing can be worse than breaking into acne just the night before your big day.

All the days that you have spent preparing for that much-awaited date goes down the drain. You cannot allow acne to rule your life. Time has come when it has become important to tame and treat acne.

Acne generally happens till the age of 25 years due to hormonal changes in the body. Moreover, dirt accumulating on closed pores also lead to a bout of acne attack. Here are a few natural ways that would help you to tame the beast called acne. To begin with, wash your face with a medicated face wash at least thrice a day.

Face wash made with tea tree extracts are supposed to treat acne in a jiffy. The idea is not to rob your skin off from moisturizers but to ensure that excess moisture is washed off. Often, dirt accumulates on greasy oily skin leading to acne.

The second step is toning, which is extremely crucial for acne control. When you wash your face, your pores open up. The toner helps to shrink the pores to its normal size. In case of oily skin, one should opt for astringents rather than toners. Astringents are beneficial for your skin in a dual manner.

Firstly, it helps to control the oil on your face and secondly it shrinks your pores and prohibits dirt from entering it. Oil Free moisturizers are a must for acne prone skin. Often, people suffering from acne turn a blind eye to their skin type and requirement, and use normal skin care products.

Normal creams comprise of wax that accentuates the acne situation. In order to treat acne, one should use oil free water based products. These products do not contain wax related substances. Home remedies like application of toothpaste or sandalwood on the acne-infected area is also known to be beneficial.


  • While I agree that most acne occurs in your younger years, adult acne is also a huge problem. Perhaps because of stress increasing the adult workers hormone level?