How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy

How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy

How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy Generally, acne hits teenagers because of the increased activity of hormones in the body. But this problem is a major concern among pregnant woman also. The main cause of acne is imbalance of the hormones. During pregnancy lot of hormone changes takes place in the body.

With the growth of the foetus the activity of hormones increases. Acne becomes a very big problem for the pregnant woman as it may spoil the look by affecting the quality and texture of the skin. Though the problem of acne does not lead to any complication in the pregnancy but it becomes a very big concern for the woman and they may become much tensed about the problems related to acne.

So, it becomes very necessary to treat acne to relive tension and distress among pregnant woman. However the treatment of acne should be followed with lot of care as pregnancy is a very delicate stage for women as well as the unborn child. Some treatment may harm the growth of the child so they should be strictly avoided and a safe treatment should be followed to avoid any complications.

Avoid the Intake of Anti Acne Medications

During pregnancy the intake of medicines have a direct impact on the growth of the foetus. So, the intake of these medicines should be strictly avoided. The anti acne medicines like Accutane, Retin- A and Tetracycline are very harmful during pregnancy. These anti acne medicines affect the foetus and can lead to many serious complications. They enter the blood stream and harm the foetus in many ways. So, a pregnant woman should just say big no to the anti acne medicines.

Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy diet

Diet rich in fruits and vegetables is very good not only for the growth of unborn child but also to treat as well as avoid acne. Intake of raw vegetables is believed to control the production sebum in the body which is the main cause of acne. So, take healthy and nutritious diet for a healthy and glowing skin. Increase the intake of water and fluids in the diet.

The liquids help to take the toxins out of the body. A pregnant woman should take at least 10 glasses of water. Active and healthy lifestyle is very essential to treat the problem of acne. Regular Exercise routine is very essential but make sure that a pregnant woman does the exercise after consulting a doctor as certain type of exercise should be avoided during pregnancy.

Regular Meditation Sessions Can Help

A pregnant woman should meditate regularly to control the problem of acne. One of the major causes of acne is stress. Increased stress increases the activity of sebaceous glands which result in more secretion of sebum. More sebum ultimately results in increased acne and acne related skin problems. So, the best way to keep stress away is to meditate regularly. Mediation is a very good option to keep the mind and body healthy. Few minutes of mediation on regular basis can work wonders for the pregnant woman.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for acne

The safest option to treat acne for pregnant woman is to try the home remedies which are natural and safe. Apply lemon juice on the acne prone areas regularly to control acne. Lemon act as a natural astringent and it helps to clean the skin by removing the extra oil and makes the skin bacteria free. It has the power to clean the pores of the skin effectively. Milk can be mixed with lemon for a mild and gentle treatment.

Apply oatmeal directly on the face for about 15- 20 minutes and then wash and rinse with warm water. Even this is a very safest option for all pregnant women. Apply the mixture of honey and cinnamon on the areas which are prone to acne, pimple and black heads. It helps to get rid of the extra oil on these areas. Tea tree oil can also be applied to control the problem of acne. Using these remedies on regular basis can definitely show positive result.

Adequate Sleep

Adequate sleep

It is very essential that a pregnant woman takes adequate sleep. Sleep relaxes the mind and helps to keep stress and tensions away. Sleep is very essential for the well being of the unborn child. If a pregnant woman has disturbed or less sleep then she may not feel relaxed and stress can lead to aggravate the problem of acne and acne related skin problems.

Regular Cleaning and Maintaining Hygiene is of Utmost importance

It is very essential to follow cleaning habits. Cleaning face and acne prone areas is very important but make sure to use a mild face wash as the harsh ones can be very harmful for the skin of pregnant woman. Cleaning the hands frequently is ever important. If there is frequent sticky and oily feeling on the face then regular splashes of plain water can help to get away from such feeling. Avoid touching the acne prone areas and don’t pinch the pimples and black heads.

Avoid Harmful Beauty Creams and Products

The beauty lotions, creams and gels are chemical based and they can have very harmful effect on the growth of the foetus. These creams can enter the blood stream and can have adverse effects on the development of bones and organs of the baby. So, these creams should be strictly avoided and it is better to consult a gynaecologist to take advice from him to choose the right creams and ointments which are mild and safe for the baby as well as the expecting mother.

It is not that the pregnant woman has to stay with the problem of acne for the nine months. It is very much possible to treat acne during pregnancy but the right and safe treatment should be followed so that the complications for the baby as well as the mother are avoided. Natural and herbal treatments are mild, safe and best option to treat and prevent this problem so they can be practiced on regular basis to get rid of this problem.