How to Transition your Summer Wardrobe into Fall Outfits

Fall is around the corner and not all of us can afford to stack away our summer outfits and invest in new clothes.

Fall weather is tricky because you will still feel the hint of summer breeze while also being exposed to a hint of cold winds and rains. If you are confused about what to wear in order to look stylish and yet be comfortable here are a few tips to help you out.

Layering is a key to keeping your fall wardrobe updated and chic. You can wear your summer outfits during this season and add a few layers to the existing look in order to feel warm and comfortable when the winds begin to get cold. The best part about layering is that you can shed unwanted layers if you begin to feel warm.

Another way to transition the summer wardrobe into fall is to accessorize. By merely changing the colors that you wear you can transition your wardrobe effortlessly. Look out for faux fur handbags in neutral hues and hints of grey and metallic accents. These will look chic and trendy for the fall season.

If you like wearing denims then you can pair that with knee high boots and a cashmere sweater. Look out for those with ruffles to add some feminine chic to your outfit. Wear a camisole or a T shirt under the sweater to keep up with the trends of the season.

Dresses are a great look for fall. You can wear a traditional summer dress with peep toed boots, tights and layer with scarves or a Pashmina for a comfortable feel. Play with your accessories and footwear if you are able to pull together a good look.

Invest in leggings, skinny jeans and tights for this season. You can wear these with several outfits and you will portray a new look each time.

Military chic is a huge trend this season. Military jackets and pants that are inspired with the military print are making their presence in every designer’s collection as well as on runways and boutiques. You could also invest in a pair of military inspired boots; these boots can be worn in the winter months too.

Hope these tips will help you to transition your wardrobe into a fall wardrobe with minimal effort. Have fun and don’t forget to accessorize.