How to Texture Hairs with Clippers

Many types of instruments are used for trimming and styling hairs and hair clipper is one of them. Hair clippers are specialized instruments that are used for cutting hairs. Though clippers work on same principles on which scissors work, these are quite different from scissors. Blades of clippers are usually made of stainless steel and thus, do not rust.

Apart from these, ceramic cutters are also found in market. Since these have higher resistance to wear and tear, these remain sharper for longer periods. Ceramic clippers also conduct less heat than metallic blades.

Texturing hairs with clippers is very easy. Best results are obtained when electric clippers are used instead of manual clippers. Hairs are easily cut through comb like attachment provided with electric clippers. One aspect that should be understood at the very outset is that clippers are used on dry hairs only for trimming, unlike scissors. For texturing short hairs, clippers are considered as the best. Clippers provide texture to hairs by varying the length of hairs and thus, no harmful chemicals are used.

How to Texture Hairs with Clippers

For adding texture to hairs, one of attachments is placed on the hair clipper. Since texturing of hairs is generally started on the sides of head, clipper should be applied on side hairs first. If it is not possible to get help from others, a mirror may be used for moving clipper correctly.

Clippers are always moved in the direction of hair growth. Thus, these should be moved towards the neck region always. One of best ways of adding texture to hairs through clippers is to divide hairs into section. For this purpose, a comb can be used. While creating sections, it should be ensured that hairs are just half the length of clippers. This helps in preventing clogging of razor. Even if manual clipper is being used, sectioning of hairs helps cutting of hairs in an easy manner.

For adding texture to hairs, it is very necessary that attachments of clipper are changed frequently. With every third or fourth hair section, different attachment should be used. It should be tried to use three to four attachments alternately. Each attachment is used for few sections of hairs only and then changed. Doing this perfectly requires expertise, which can be gained through regular practice only. While changing attachments, it must be borne in mind that smaller attachments create short-length hairs while larger attachments lead to long length hairs.

Clippers should be used continuously to trim the hairs around the back of head. These hairs are normally thick and thus, may require repeated actions with clippers. Once side part and back of head is over, hairs present on upper part of head should be sectioned and trimmed by using larger attachments. The direction of movement of clipper should be downwards. For trimming the hairs present at the base of neck, clipper is used straight down. Afterwards, a straight line is created. For enhancing the texture of hairs to the maximum, it is advised that hairs should be shampooed with mild products. Deep conditioner should be applied to hairs after shampooing so that no moisture is lost.