How To Teach The Kids To Be Perfect

It is a common trend for kids now to go to many classes and learn several things, all at the same time. So, it’s quite natural that these kids develop themselves into a jack of all trades but master of none. Due to peer pressure, your child may want to get enrolled to every activity or hobby class where his or her friends are going.

However, it is important for your child to master a specific skill than knowing bits and pieces of everything under the sun. Unless your child studies a particular subject extensively and learns all the necessary things that are related to it, he won’t become a specialist. I have seen a lot of kids who go to learn drawing, dancing, poetry, singing, karate, etc – all at one go.

Though a wide exposure to all these hobbies is good, it is also important that your child demonstrates interest towards a particular hobby that can be taken as a vocation at a later stage or can become ones’ passion.

Mastering a particular subject with dedication and consistency will give your child an edge over the other children. If your daughter or son has shown an inclination towards dance, enroll her/him for specialized dancing classes that will help the kid master different styles of dance rather than wasting the energy on other hobby classes.

Remember not to force your child to get enrolled into any particular class as such coercion will lead to poor performance. If your child can’t determine his or her interests correctly, help the kid by observing his or her behavior and creating a personality map. Parents should encourage the child to become consistent with his activities. They should also teach the kid the importance of perfection and perseverance that are required to accomplish success.