How to take care of your Skin and Hair during monsoons

How to take care of your Skin and Hair during Monsoons Come rains and the humidity level in the air rises. Your skin begins to look lifeless and hair faces problems like limpness and hairfall looking frizzy, sticky and dirty.

The monsoon season calls for greater attention towards your skin and hair so that you can enjoy the beauty of rains without any tension. Therefore it is important for you to take a little extra care of your skin and hair when it’s raining cats and dogs.

To take care of your facial skin, wash your face many times in a day to prevent your skin from getting sticky and attract dirt particles from the air. Keeping the skin clean prevents dirt and oil from getting clogged in its pores which can result in pimples.

The monsoon season means minimalistic makeup. Rub your face with ice cubes before applying the makeup. It will lower your sweating rate. Avoid foundations completely. If you have to use it, go for waterproof ones. Dump your kohl in your drawers for usage in winters and replace them with waterproof eyeliners and eye pencils.

Preferably, use waterproof matte lipsticks. Avoid using powders because they can form ugly patches on your skin as the skin sweats more in this season. Keep your hands and feet clean as the season demands greater hygiene. Always carry a sanitizer every time you move out of the house.

Very few people know that hair absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Dirt particles stick to this moisture absorbed to make hair sticky and dirty. Thus, increased moisture during monsoons is responsible for making hair frizzy and unmanageable. So, it is advisable to wash your hair more often than usual.

It is also important to keep your hair well moisturized. Oil them every time before wash to protect your scalp from dandruff etc. Condition your hair with curd and egg; it makes your tresses shine with a healthy glow. Use a nice conditioner after every wash to make them manageable and free of tangles. Try not to keep your hair open to prevent them from getting dirty.

Finally, drink plenty of water and eat a protein-rich diet with lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables. A nutritious diet will naturally make your hair and skin healthy.

neha madan