How To Take Care Of Your Aquarium


buyanaquarium1 Aquariums are pretty and see and easy to maintain! So if you have an aquarium at home, we tell you how to take care of your little marine friends!

Lighting: Lighting is usually not needed in an aquarium. The room light is sufficient to provide light to the fishes. Still, an inexpensive electric bulb can be installed in the aquarium to ensure proper light cycle.

Feeding: Feeding is an important issue that is to be kept in mind while taking good care of your aquarium. Fishes need to be fed about 5 times a day. Do not overfeed them. Uneaten food amounts to algae growth in the water, water cloudiness or fish diseases. Flake, frozen or freeze-dried food are good alternatives.

Observation Is Important: Observe the fishes as often as you can. See if all the fishes are eating properly or acting normally. Fishes have a tendency to harass each other! So keep a track if they are all getting along with each other! Watch out for red patches, discoloration or other abnormality. These are signs of infections.

Check The Equipments: There are water filters, pumps, etc installed in the aquarium as life support system for the fishes. Clean these properly often.

Temperature Matters: Check the temperature while feeding your fishes. A change in the temperature often causes the outbreak of certain diseases.

Amount Of Water: Allot about 4 gallons of water to each fish. A 20 gallon aquarium doesn’t hold the equivalent amount of water. It has several plants and other decorations. So, a 20 gallon water tank can hold 5 fishes properly.

Cleaning: Cleaning is a must for your aquarium once a month. Put all the fishes safely in a big bowl of water and clean your aquarium properly.
Keeping an aquarium is easy if only you maintain it properly. Fishes are happy creatures, so keep them in well habitat!