How to Take Care of Long Nails

If you like keeping long nails but find it difficult to maintain them; then this article will help you with nail care tips and will assist you in maintaining those long beautiful nails and ensure that your hands look more beautiful than ever.

If your nails are brittle, then let your diet include food items that are rich in calcium and protein. These food items include milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sprouts etc.

When you have long nails, it is important that they do not get dirty or come in contact with any materials that will corrode them or damage them. This is why it becomes so important to protect them from any cleansing agent or any possibility where they can get dirty.

Hence, always keep your nails covered when you are gardening or washing. Water, dust or detergent can damage the long nails and hence it becomes important to cover them.

Do not peel off nail polish as it will result in the surface of the nail getting damaged or harmed. Always use nail polish remover to peel off the nail polish. If you want to clean your nails from underneath, then just rub a slice of lemon under your nails. This is to avoid any sharp object to clean the nails as the possibility of the nails getting damaged is higher in which case.

Do not cut the cuticles as it is the live skin that protects and covers the nails. If you cut them, not only will you leave the nails susceptible to damage but also, there runs a risk of infection. Push the cuticles back with a pumice stick before you apply nail polish or cleansers.

You must drink a lot of water, at least ten or twelve glasses every day. This will add moisture to the nails and the skin and hence the nails will not be dry and brittle. Get the nails manicured regularly.

Applying nail polish is also dependent on the nail type. In case of broad nails, leave a narrow strip of nails on both the sides. This will help the nails look more appealing.

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