How To Take Care Of Dark Lips

Smoking is injurious to health we all know that but how many of us actually quit smoking? Along with the most dangerous side effects one of the most visible sign of smoking that may also make you look ugly is the black nicotine patches on the skin. This is the most visible marks of smoking. Men may have them perhaps it adds to their macho image but trust me it really looks horrible in the case of the gals.

So ladies if you have black lips and you are too infirm of purpose to actually quit smoking then here are certain tips that will help you to remove the spots and also prevent further blackening of the lips. Mix honey and sugar and mix them very well until the sugar dissolves. Mix juice of half a lemon and apply it to the lips.

Leave on for 15 minutes before washing it off. The astringent qualities of the lemon help in the removal of the stains. Again you can mix glycerin and lemon juice and can apply it to the lips. One of the main reasons stains appear so prominent on the lips is because of the fact that the lips are less exposed to washing unlike hands and feet.

As the stains generally take place in the upper layers do not forget to rub the solution instead of just applying it. Applying lip balm or petroleum jelly before smoking can also prevent the penetration of the nicotine marks. Not only before smoking but also several times a day do not forget to use lip gel or balm.

Lips tend to get dry due to its contact with nicotine and balms will keep them soft and supple. Remember one thing prevention is better than cure and instead of going through this ordeal try giving up smoking.