How to Tackle a Bad Hair Day?

Bad hair days are generic pitfalls that even ones with the finest hair have faced. Remedial measures are important as you cannot afford to stay cooped up in your room for this one reason alone, especially if there is your best friend’s birthday party to attend in the evening and you just cannot afford to miss it!

So, what you have to do is to sport a different look that will effectively do the job yet not compromise on the beauty factor. A few tricks always come handy in these situations. Let us see which one suits you the best

Let us start with the simplest. Tie your hair in a high ponytail. Yes, exactly that. You can achieve a sporty yet trendy look that will be appealing and fun. And if that is not enough for you, go in for a subtle twist with the hair wrapped ponytail look or even side ponytails.

Consider fancy braids, if you have extra long hair. Team it with a dress that compliments the look and do not forget to use your hair clips or snap barrettes. They can steal the thunder, you know.

So, now that the sporty look option has been tried out, it is time for something different. You can focus wholeheartedly on femininity and enhance the elegance quotient with buns. They are uncomplicated and give you the clean refined freshness that has its own charm.

You can however further it, by adding a ribbon or a flower, if you so prefer. With the aid of hairpins you can have your individually styled buns to give you the unique feel. If you dare to be slightly experimental, you have the option of trying out hair sticks for an entirely stylish look.

Okay, caps. They can be great accessories which will successfully cover greater part of your hair and add dollops of attitude. You can go for the bonnet caps or berets in linen, tweed or cotton in colors that will go with your attire nicely.

Try any of these out and throw your bad hair day woes right out of the window.