How to Style your Maxi Dress or Skirt in Fall

Are you trying to get your fall wardrobe together? If you are struggling with your options and are not aware of what’s the hottest thing to wear this season then I have all the information that you are seeking.

Fall 2010 is making way for the maxi dress and maxi skirts. The floor length style is not only elegant and comfortable it is also versatile, easy going and sophisticated. If you are not sure about how to wear an outfit in this style then here are a few tips to help you out.

The trick to wearing the outfit and make it look elegant yet comfortable is to wear it in a fabric that is lightweight. Ideally cotton or silk are the perfect choice for the fall season. Accessorize the outfit appropriately and you are well on your way to looking dressed up.

The great thing about the maxi dress in fall is that you can sport a casual look as well as look formal and wear it to the office or for a social gathering. Wear the dress with a pair of biker boots and a hooded jacket or a leather jacket and you will be ready for a casual evening out with your friends.

Alternatively you can wear the outfit with a pair of high heel pumps and a formal jacket to the office and with a pair of peep toe shoes or stilettos and you are ready for a night on the town with your friends.

When you are wearing a maxi styled outfit remember to wear chunky jewels in dazzling shades and bright hues. Ideally you would need to wear jewelry that in contrasting shades. If you are wearing a skirt then wear a belly chain around your waist for a funky look. Dazzling earrings and long chains will give you a perfect look for the evening.

If you are wearing a maxi styled skirt then you must wear a body hugging top. If you wear a loose top or an empire styled top or something that is loose it will not look very flattering.

When you are wearing the maxi dress or skirt this fall remember to add your own personal touch to the outfit so that you are comfortable in it and it speaks of your own style.