How to Strengthen Your Nails Naturally

Long and well groomed nails add to the general beauty of your hands. Chipped and broken nails are an extremely unattractive sight. To get gorgeously long nails, a healthy diet and proper nail maintenance is required.

There are many natural ingredients which help us to get beautifully long and strong nails. The following nail strengthening recipes incorporates these natural ingredients which ensure that you have healthy nails.

Milk and Honey Nail Strengthening Dip

In a clean glass bowl combine two beaten egg yolks with a quarter cup of milk and a tablespoon of honey.  Dip your nails in this mixture for approximately ten to fifteen minutes and rinse well under cold running water. Milk is rich in calcium while eggs are excellent sources of protein. Together they provide an excellent natural soak to get extra strong nails.

Gelatin Super Strengthening Nail Formula

Melt half a packet of gelatin in boiling water. When the water becomes lukewarm immerse your nails into the water and gelatin mixture for about fifteen minutes. Rinse well and pat dry with a clean towel.

Wheat Germ and Castor Oil Treatment

Weak nails will be thing of the past if you use this nail oil regularly. Mix a teaspoon of wheat germ oil with two teaspoons of castor oil and salt. Once the ingredients have blended well, transfer  to a clean and airtight container. Rub small quantities of this oil into your nails regularly. You will soon have super strong nails.

Wheat Germ and Apricot Oil Treatment

Combine two tablespoons of apricot oil with two drops each of wheat germ oil, frankincense oil and myrrh. Transfer this mixture into a clean container. Twice a week massage this oil into your nails. This is an excellent nail strengthening recipe.

Wheat Germ Oil and Lemon Essential Oil Nail Rub

Pour ten drops each of frankincense, myrrh and lemon essential oils into a narrow necked glass container. To this essential oil mixture add ten drops of wheat germ oil. Apply this oil on the nails twice a week and get healthy and strong nails.

These nail strengthening recipes if used regularly will help you to get strong, healthy and beautiful nails. They are very simple to prepare and are extremely cost effective as well.

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