How to Straighten Hair at Home

Do you  curse your stars for having curly and dry hair every time you have to go for a party?

Have you wished having poker straight hair at least for a day?  Simple solutions to all these problems are to straighten your hair at home yourself.

It might sound very tedious and complicated but it is not. Going for  permanent hair straightening restricts you from trying different hair styles and moreover it is quite expensive.

There are unlimited brands of  hair sprays, mousse, hair styling creams etc available in stores suitable for all kinds of hair.In some cases hair straightens by using these products itself. But for people who have extreme curly hair, hair straighteners are a boon.

The list of things you need to straighten your hair is a hair dryer,  round hair brush or a hair straightening brush,  a comb,  few hair clips and a good company hair straighter with ceramic plates.

Step 1

First and foremost step is to shampoo your hair using a mild shampoo that does not leave your hair looking dry. Then apply a good conditioner to ward off the dryness and wash it off after keeping it for about 7-10 minutes. Squeeze the water off your hair and dry your hair properly.

Step 2

Use the round brush and comb your hair properly. Apply some straightening cream and heat protective product to your hair to minimize damage.

Step 3

Clip up your hair in 4-5  portions. Take a portion of your hair and while combing press the hair straighter and pull it down towards the length of the hair slowly and steadily. Repeat this process for the entire hair.

Adjust the temperature of the straightening iron as per your requirement. Avoid over heating the iron which could burn your hair. So be really patient, take your time and handle a straighter with a sane state of mind.

Step 4

Now is the time for final touch. Take a little serum and rub it between your palms and apply it along the length of the hair or just use some hairspray to avoid frizzes and to keep your hair intact.

Now you are ready for your first date or prom. If done properly and with lot of patience this ought to keep your hair intact and in place. Make sure you do not wet your hair. This will last you till your next hair wash. Enjoy the shine and your temporary straight hair.