How To Stop Breastfeeding

How To Stop Breastfeeding

How To Stop Breastfeeding You should consider few things before taking the decision to stop breastfeeding such as your baby’s health and emotional impact. If your baby gets sick often, postponing your decision to stop breastfeeding would be a good idea.

A baby may not be interested in taking other foods when he or she is sick but may be willing to accept breast milk.

How to Stop Breastfeeding

You should never try to stop breastfeeding suddenly as it may prove harmful for your health. Instead, you should try to reduce the number of feeds gradually. You can also breastfeed your baby one or two times a day. Initially, your baby may be reluctant to give up breastfeeding especially if you have been nursing him or her for a long period of time.

Do not get tensed over this fact and try to manage the situation intelligently. Give your baby all your love and comfort which he or she needs. He or she can take a little more time to stop taking breast milk if he or she is emotionally attached to you or feels secure when you are near him or her. In such cases, reducing the number of feeds gradually is the best option. Try to cuddle your child and give him or her your warmth to make him or her feel secure.

How To Stop Breastfeeding

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Give your child other foods that are nutritious and healthy to keep his or her stomach full for a long period of time. It is possible that your child may not show interest in taking breast milk after getting other nutritional supplements. You can even distract your child while breastfeeding to stop his or her habit of breastfeeding.

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Do not stop breastfeeding your baby under the influence of others. It is your decision and you know when to stop breastfeeding. It is also possible that your child may stop wanting to breastfeed after some time.

If your baby is still not ready to take formula milk then you can try any of the following options. Increase the quantity of nutritional supplements such as processed cereal based foods, baby foods etc. Reduce the breastfeeding sessions gradually.  Let your child know that he or she is now grown up and only small babies need breast milk.

How to Know When Your Baby is Ready to Wean?

Nobody can tell you exactly when to stop breastfeeding. However, there are few signs that can point to the fact that your baby is ready to wean. If your baby takes breast milk for some time and then turns away or if he or she watches you when you eat or drink then this is an indication that he or she is ready to wean.

If your baby refuses to take formula milk then you can mix your breast milk with formula milk till he or she gets used to formula milk. Initially, keep the quantity of breast milk more than formula milk and then gradually start increasing the quantity of formula milk. Some babies find it convenient to drink milk from bottles and stop taking breast milk in no time.

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