How To Spot Genuine Ray Bans

How To Spot Genuine Ray Bans

How To Spot Genuine Ray Bans Founded in 1936 by a popular company Bausch and Lomb, Ray Ban is a high end manufacturer of sunglasses. Ray Bans are amongst those few sunglasses that has had an enormous impact on the American culture and its history.

Going by the present scenario it is seen that Ray Ban has gained popularity in almost all parts of the world as well. It is listed among the most trustworthy brands. It is the brand that has crossed the entire socio-economic, political and cultural border.

Ray Ban has seven main lines under their sunglasses collection which includes Fast & the Furious, Families, Icons, High Street, Lifestyle, Craft and Tech. Ray Ban glasses can surpass any other company with its wide range of glasses. Its frame itself comes in different varieties ranging from thin metal- like frames to wider carbon fiber frames.

The frames are lightweight yet strong and are very flexible making it comfortable for the wearer. The lens is polarized that is it is anti-glared to eliminate glares from reflective surface, which is an added advantage for the customer.

Another key feature of these lenses is that they are scratch-resistant, provide clarity and protects from harmful ultraviolet rays and the blue light. It has a unique aspect known as the chameleon- like technology wherein the lens turns dark under direct sunlight and then turns clear when indoors or in low-lighting.

History of Ray Ban

The invention of Ray Ban was reportedly because of a complaint by a lieutenant who said that during his flying venture in a hot- air balloon, the sun had permanently damaged his eyes. So he contacted Bausch and Lomb requesting them to create sunglasses that would fulfill the purpose of protection and also be a modish accessory.

Hence on 7th May, 1937, Ray Ban came out with the official patent on the Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, which were initially set up for the United States Army Air Corps. But according to the reports, Bausch and Lomb sold the brand in 1999 to an Italian company, the Luxottica Group for heavy bucks.

Spot Genuine Ray Bans

But the actual credit for its popularity goes to General Douglas MacArthur, who posed with his Ray Ban aviators on landing to Philippines during the Second World War after which it became a rage all over the world.Later on, it was the Ray Ban Wayfarers that stole the heart of all the ladies. Its sleek and stylish designs flattered the women as it suited any face shape.In the eighties, Ray ban made its way to Hollywood as well, where popular celebrities like Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Elvis Costello etc spotted it.

Why are fake Ray Bans Harmful?

As Ray Ban glasses have been staple in fashion for many years, people have become brand conscious, so they are ready to compromise with the quality to be a part of the fashion brigade. But one must remember that though authentic Ray Ban may be on the pricey side but no other fake shades can compete with the its quality.

The counterfeit Ray Bans that are sold in the black- market can harm one’s eyes because its lens will not be polarized. Hence ultraviolet rays can cause high-end damage. The frame might not be strong enough and could break easily. These shades will be flimsy and will not be worth the money, time or effort put into it.

How to Spot Original Ray Bans?

One must be very careful while purchasing Ray Bans on eBay because one can be easily fooled by dishonest manufacturers over here that might come up with tempting offers to the customers but indeed sell fake ones.

To begin with, one should start inspecting from the box itself in which one bought the glasses. It should have a recycling logo, a semi-permanent sticker along with the serial number, manufacturer and distributor’s details, barcode, lens and frame type and its dimension should be mentioned and the model number of the sunglasses should be specified. If these things are missing then the sunglass is a knock-off and seller is trying to dope the customer.

Next, one should check for an engraved logo of Luxottica in gold on the case of the shades. It should be a fur- lined case. If the print is sloppy or it is painted then the pair of shades is fake. There should be no spelling errors on the packaging or manual. One should check for the engraved logo of Ray Ban which should be an interlocking under the bridge of the nose-piece which would read RB.

The right lens should have an RB engraving above the hinge, if it is below the hinge or missing, then there’s a fair chance that it is a fraud. The rubber on the earpiece of the frame should feel chalky rather than sticky, stiff or slick.The inside of the temples should specify where the shades are made. It should read ‘Made in Italy’ or ‘Assembled in Italy’ or ‘Assembled in Ireland’. Mention of any other location is a sign that the glasses are phony.

One should also check the quality of the authenticity card. The print should be of good quality and should be on the best card stock and it should not smudge or smear when rubbed with fingers. It should be free of any grammatical errors and typos. The cloth used as a cleaning rag will be made of the finest material and should have a fine quality print job. Always ask for the warranty card that accompanies all the shades of Ray Ban. The sunglasses shouldn’t be wrapped in plastic.

Sun glasses that have the markings of Ray Bans USA are fake, because it has stopped producing Ray Ban post 1999 after the rights were sold to Luxottica. Countries like China and Malaysia are considered big offenders. So, one must look out while purchasing shades from them.Ray bans with the etching B&L abbreviation for Bausch and Lomb are also fake.

One should cross-check with online retailers and should have a proper search on Google to be sure of their pair of glasses. Always check for the feedback’s before opting for any online transactions.One must avoid replicas of Ray Ban because they will only be carrying the logo but not the eminence.