How To Spice Up A Relationship By Making Romance And Sex A Priority

How To Spice Up A Relationship By Making Romance And Sex A Priority Make sex and romance a priority in your relationship by following these ideas. The article is highlighting various creative ideas that when used in your life would bring back the sexual and romantic passion in your life.Enjoy Nature To Make Romance A Priority

You need not take your wife to parks or beaches or forest to enjoy nature. You should sit with your wife near a window and should watch the proceedings outside. Make sure that you close the window .You should do this act in night without turning on any light.

You should take your wife hand and caress her and you should caress her hair. You should place her head in your chest and you can enjoy the proceedings outside without uttering a single word. Do not let thoughts to wander inside your mind. You should focus only on intimacy or romance and you will feel an urge of romance in your heart.

Use Ripples In Lake To Create Romance In Your Relationship

Go with your wife to a nearby lake. You should play a romantic game with your wife in the lake. You should throw a small stone to the lake and count the number of ripples. Write down the number of ripples and you should repeat the process for two more times. You should ask your wife to do the same thing that you have done with the stone.

Make sure that the size of stone remains uniform in each try. You should say to wife that your ripple number is the number of kisses that your wife owes you and her ripple number is the number of kisses that you owe her. Both can demand kiss at any moment and make sure that kisses stay in tune with the kisses owed.

Blindfold Romantic Game

You should blindfold yourself. Ask your wife to keep a set of panties, bra and other innerwear lingerie scattered on a table. Ask your wife to place other dresses like skirts and tops that your wife can wear. Ask your wife to guide you to that table and you should use your hand to move through the scattering and you can choose clothes that you feel suits the occasion.

You should make your wife to wear those dress and stand in front of you and your wife should remove your blindfold. You should make a guess of the color of innerwear lingerie that you have chosen and for very correct answer, you have the privilege of kissing her and for every wrong answer, she gets the chance to kiss you.

Blow Candles To Enjoy Romantic Evening

You should buy two small cakes and you should place lighted candles on top of it. You should ask your wife to have a contest in blowing down candles. Both should start at different time in blowing candles and should count the number of blown out candles. The winner can decides what type of romance they can have together. The key of this contest is just enjoyment.

Enjoy Nudism To Make Sex A Priority

Making Romance And Sex A Priority

You should spend one day a week with your wife completely nude. You should make your wife stay nude and you can fix the time of getting nude. Make sure that you stay nude for at least 12 hours. You should watch TV, read newspaper, help her in cooking, and enjoy time with her. That would release the necessary hormones for sexual encounter and that would help you to make sex a priority in your relationship.

Write Porn Stories Together to Make Sex a Priority In a Relationship

Couples would normally read and watch porn together to make sex a priority ina relationship. You should try writing a porn story together with your wife and you should not take ideas from movies and books.  You should create a fantasy story and you should read aloud this story when completed to your wife in bed. You can try the things written on sex story with your wife and that would help to make sex a priority in your life.

Use Duct Tape to Create an Atmosphere of Sex in Your Bed Room

You should sit in your bed facing your wife. You should use duct tape in place of handcuff to tie her hands together and you should give her French kiss. You should undress her slowly and kiss her passionately throughout her body. Make sure that duct tape is not tightened strongly as that can affect blood flow and can cause pain to her.

Slowly turn her and give her kisses on her back side. You should make her lie on her lingerie and you should tease her with your tongue and hands. That would raise sexual tension and expectation. You can try oral sex on her with her hands tied in handcuffed mode and she would feel vibrant for steamy action.

You can release her .You should encourage her to use duct tape to tie you. You can exhort her to try various spicy positions and then release you. After finishing oral sex, you can upgrade yourselves to steamy sexy meet in bed. You can use masking tape in place of duct tape.

Play Alarm game once a week to have the romantic sexual encounter
You should make your wife   set an alarm on clock and without knowing time limit; you should kiss your wife and indulge in romantic foreplay. When alarm goes off, you should stop foreplay and ask your wife to set the alarm once again. Without knowing the time limit set, you should do sexual act and you should try ejaculating the moment alarm rings.

Window Kissing

Tap the window of room in which your wife is sitting and when she opens the window, try kissing her lips. Ask her whether she is ready for sex at that moment. Tell her that you would like to bite her lips gently and do it through open window. That would urge her to motion you inside and enjoy passionate sex.