How To Spend Quality Time With Children


spend-time-with-children A child’s life should be full of colors because colors are representative of joy and happiness. You may teach them to paint. In ideal cases, you should draw the outline of anything like a mango, or a house and ask them to fill up the inner part with colors.

In course of time, you child himself will be able to draw different figures and color them well as they will get the hang of it. Let them identify the colors and associate them with things around, like blue for the sky, red for the apple etc.

One of the best ways to teach your child coloring is to buy them Halloween coloring pages. Whatever it may be, a pumpkin dress or a feline outfit, your child will simply love playing with them. A party treat which may involve skeleton candies or ghostly cakes is enjoyed by the kids to the fullest. So, let this Halloween be a memorable one for your kids by buying them Halloween coloring pages.

Children are especially fascinated by ghosts. Choose weird shaped patterns to create a haunted effect. You may make a kite and allow your child to color the weird shaped ghosts in it; or you may let them do the icing of a cake with ghastly shapes. Other weird shapes like that of a spider, vultures, bats or anything such eerie thing may also excite your child. Buy them sketch pens in a range of colors.

Make them use crayons, sketch pens, water colors etc. They will learn how to use them and the difference in effect. Allow your child to mix the different poster colors and create new colors and let them paint a scarecrow or a joker or any such thing which can accommodate such a variety of colors. They may use the Halloween coloring pages as a skeleton, a weird cat, a zombie etc.

Make sure that the coloring sheets are durable. And one of the most important things is that teach your child to discipline himself/herself. After the coloring session make them clean up the mess. Give them the moping cloth to wipe.

Pumpkin coloring pages are also very exciting because they come in a range of facial patterns. Wizards, witches and such other shapes have always been favored by children. Just give the opportunity and see how their enthusiasm flows without bounds.