How To Sleep Tight

Not being able to enjoy a proper good night’s sleep; you may look tired and exhausted all day. And if this becomes a regular phenomenon with you, the effects will eventually show up in your eyes, on your skin and on your overall health.

A minimum of seven to eight hours of sound sleep is what we all need to stay fit and fine, but when insomnia is gripping on you there are a few little changes you need to make in your lifestyle and your daily routine to get back a good night’s sleep.

After a nice lunch, a warm afternoon seems like the perfect time to enjoy an afternoon siesta, but try and stay away from the temptation of taking a short nap on the couch. It’s OK for babies to sleep during daytime, but for you sleeping in the afternoon will create a problem in enjoying a sound sleep at night. If you’re not one of those who exercises regularly in the morning, use your afternoons to indulge in some hard work so that you’re completely tired by evening, and the moment you get into your bed you will fall fast asleep.

Some people are in the habit of downing a cup or two of coffee after dinner and coffee being a stimulant will not let better sleep come to you easily. And the same is true for cigarettes, which contain nicotine as the stimulant. A stimulant basically energizes you and can never help in sleeping, so avoid all stimulants for at least an hour before you hit the bed.

Some people also love to take a nightcap (alcohol based), which again should be avoided because consumption of alcohol just before bedtime induces negative sleep patterns. So even though you may fall asleep easily, you will not enjoy a peaceful and sound sleep.

It’s a good habit to read a lot, but certainly your bed is not the place where you should be reading. Finish off with all your reading before you get into your bed, because in your bed you should only relax and sleep and do nothing else.

And lastly, ensure that your room is completely dark when you want to sleep and that your bed is comfortable and cozy. You could also try playing some soft music to relax your mind and it will help you to drift into sleep easily.

Sidharth Thakur