How To Shave Legs

Removal of unwanted hair can be a major source of irritation for most women. Apart from being a recurring process, the advertisement industry is definitely not helpful when it flaunts models with smooth, ravishing legs, and ends up confusing people with the numerous choices available for hair removal.

You might find yourself wondering whether you ought to go in for an epilator, waxing, sugaring, or a combination of all of these!

A rather traditional method to remove hair from the legs is the good old razor. Despite the many new introductions into the hair removal market, there are many women who still prefer this tried, tested and quick means of hair removal. If you would like to try it out but are not too sure how to go about it, the following tips will make things easier for you.

To begin with, remember that using a razor is not all fun. If you do not use the right razor in the right way, you might end up with ingrown hair or cuts on your skin. There are a number of razors made specifically for women. Choose one that is comfortable to hold, has a flexible head, as rubber protective band, and which preferably is a triple blade razor.

Before you start shaving yourself, bathe your legs in warm water so as to remove dirt and to open your pores. This makes the shaving process easier. Lather your legs. You could use a lathering agent or a good moisturizing soap. This helps the razor glide smoothly, and avoids any cuts and bruises. Avoid the temptation of dry shaving. This is the primary cause of razor cuts and can ruin your skin.

When shaving, hold the razor at a comfortable angle and start shaving at your ankle, against the hair growth. Slowly move upwards until you reach your knees. If you are shaving your legs for the first time, you might find that shaving your knees can be rather tricky. This can be tackled by bending your knee before shaving. Lather your skin periodically while shaving so as to prevent cuts and bruises.

Once you finish shaving, wash your legs with hot water – as hot as it is possible for you to bear. This prevents hair from re-growing in a hurry. Dry your skin and apply a good moisturizing lotion. Keep your skin well moisturized after shaving in order to prevent any possible irritation as your hair grows again.

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