How To Shape Your Eye Brows In Perfect Arch By Yourself

How To Shape Your Eye Brows In Perfect Arch By Yourself

How To Shape Your Eye Brows In Perfect Arch By Yourself Eyebrows are a key part of the face that accentuates the shape of our eyes. How to arch eyebrows is an important task that has to be done with accuracy as it cannot be undone. Here are a few simple steps that will help you to get the perfect arch.

Decide on The Shape of The Arch

Ascertain the shape of the eyebrow that will best suite your facial features. The facial bone structure determines the shape of the eye brow. A beauty consultant can help you to determine the most suitable eyebrow arch for you. For instance, women with big eyes and broad forehead will be accentuated best with a rounded eyebrow shape.

On the other hand, women with a flat mouth and much defined nose will flatter their eyes well with arched eyebrows. Decide upon the kind of eyebrows that will suit you best before starting to shape them.

Set The Shape of Your Eyebrows

Before tweezing the hair from the eyebrow, it is essential that you set the shape of the eyebrows. Use an eyebrow brush to brush the hair in your eyebrows upward. Use brow scissors, which should have sharp edges, to trim the ends of strands of long eyebrow hair. Now brush the trimmed eyebrow downwards and look for other extra length of hair. The brow shape gets set. Trimming also helps in removing the heaviness of the eyebrows that helps to produce an ideal shape.

Steps for Creating The Perfect Arch

Hold a pencil along the side bridge of the nose. The inside margin of the eyebrows begin here. If you are confused about the point where your eyebrows should arch, hold the pencil corresponding to the outer corner of the Iris. To ascertain where the eyebrow should end, locate the pencil crossways from the end of the nostril to the corner of the eyes.

You can also ascertain the highest point of the arch by determining the peak of your eyebrow. Use tweezers or thread directly below the peak of the eyebrow to make it perfectly arched. Use a brow pencil to mark the regions under the eyebrow that you just mapped to produce the perfect shape. Remove the extra hairs to be found at the regions mapped.

If you are fearful of tweezing the hair out, you can always apply wax to remove the hair. To uphold the natural effect of the eyebrows and give it a perfect shape, never remove more than two consecutive rows of hair from the mapped region. If your eyebrows are thick, remove an extra layer of hair from just under the peak of the eyebrow. This will give the arch its prominent shape.

Shape The Outer Edge Of The Eyebrows

To produce a delicate downward slope of the eyebrows, tweeze out hairs from the top edge of the eyebrows. You may also have to clean the forehead for a prominent eyebrow arch. If you do not know how to arch eyebrows perfectly then it is better not to take any risk in shaping the eyebrows. Irregular and badly done eyebrows will not only damage your look but will also take months to repair.

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