How To Shampoo Hairs Naturally

How To Shampoo Hairs Naturally

How To Shampoo Hairs Naturally For washing hairs, most of people use shampoos. Shampoos are considered as better than soaps as they are not so harsh and make them soft and manageable. There are many types of shampoos available in market that promise to make hair strong and lustrous.

Shampoos are made of different types of chemicals and in some cases, these may cause irritation. This is the reason why frequent use of shampoo is not advisable. If a person fears that using shampoo can lead to thinning of hairs or can produce some other side effects, its use should be discontinued. There are many other ways of shampooing hairs naturally.

Since most of these involve natural ingredients, there are no side effects. It is to be understood that for curly or wavy hairs, regular shampoos are not recommended, as sulfates present in them can damage these types of hairs. Many people think that for cleaning hairs and scalp perfectly, lather is needed. This is the reason why they use shampoos that lather well.

However, it is not so. One of most common synthetic lathering agent that is used is sodium lauryl sulfate. Frequent use of shampoos containing this chemical compound leads to dry skin and eczema. Foaming agents contained in regular shampoos also make hairs frizzy.

How to Shampoo Hairs Naturally

Before shampooing hairs naturally with different substances, it must be ensured that hairs do not contain any product that cannot be removed without using regular shampoos. Egg yolk is considered as very good for hairs and can be used for washing hairs. Even frequent washing of hairs with egg yolk do not result in any type of damage or side effect.

Egg yolk is very effective in cleaning hairs and scalp. It also heals the skin, which leads to healthy and thickened hairs. Applying egg yolk on hair is very easy. First of all, hairs are wetted with water. Egg yolk is then separated from egg white and is applied on hairs. It is rubbed by giving hairs a gentle massage. Egg yolk is left on hairs for fifteen to twenty minutes and is rinsed with tepid water. Hot water should not be used for rinsing egg yolk, as egg can get scrambled.

Egg yolk contains protein that is very essential for hairs. Egg yolk is also considered as one of best natural conditioners and thus, hairs bounce with shine. Since hairs can contain some smell after rinsing egg yolk, some essential oils having good fragrance like rosemary oil or lavender oil can be applied. If a person has oily hairs, baking soda mix can be used for shampooing hairs. Baking soda is easily available at departmental and health stores.

shampooing hairs naturally

For application, one spoon of baking soda is mixed with one cup of hot or warm water contained in a plastic bottle. This mixture is then shaken vigorously and applied to hairs. For even distribution, comb can be used. After leaving this mixture for few minutes, it is rinsed with water thoroughly. Since baking soda can cause some dryness of hairs, conditioner should be used for moisturizing hairs.

Apple cider vinegar is also used for shampooing hairs naturally. Unlike egg yolk, smell of apple cider vinegar does not remain in hairs after rinsing with water. However, if excessive quantities of vinegar are used for washing hairs, smell may become persistent. For application, one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar is combined with one cup of water in a plastic container and is shaken well. This mixture is applied on wetted hairs and combed. After few minutes, hairs are rinsed with water for removing vinegar.

Lemon juice is also used commonly for washing the hairs. Lemon juice is considered as one of best natural astringents and cleans hairs and scalp perfectly. For application, two to three tablespoons of lemon juice are mixed to one cup of water and then applied to hairs. This mixture is gently massaged into hairs. A comb can also be used for covering each strand of hair. After ten to fifteen minutes, hairs are rinsed with water. Lemon juice can also be used with conditioner for application.

Two teaspoons of both these are mixed and applied. After few minutes, hairs are thoroughly rinsed with water. Since mixture contains conditioner, hairs do not become dry. Another option for shampooing hairs naturally is baked dark bread. It is said that darker is the bread, better is the effect. Baked dark bread is very effective in preventing oiliness of scalp and hairs. For maximum effect, hand made bread should be chosen rather than mass produced bread, as latter does not work perfectly.

For application, loaf is first sliced into thick slices. These slices are dried and then, added to boiling water. After boiling this mixture for one minute, it is cooled and pulp is prepared from this mixture. This pulp is then applied to wetted hairs and left for five to seven minutes. Hairs are then rinsed thoroughly with water. Hairs may have to be rinsed for numbers of times for removing small crumbs. This application has many other advantages also. For example, problem of split hairs is treated effectively.

Hairs do not become oily for longer periods. If there is any dandruff, it is also removed from the scalp. Thistle root tincture is also used for washing hairs. This tincture makes hairs strong. Thistle root tincture application is also one of effective natural ways of preventing loss of hairs. For shampooing, thistle root tincture is applied on wetted hairs and left for few minutes. Hairs are then rinsed with water as usual. For maximum effect, this tincture must be applied daily to hairs. There are no side effects reported.

For preventing side effects of regular shampoos, hairs can be washed with natural shampoo bars. There are many brands of all-natural shampoo bars available in market that do not contain synthetic compounds but lather well. Unlike synthetic formulations, they do not contain preservatives also. Since these bars can go rancid with time, these should be used within six months of buying. Shampoo bars are applied directly to wetted hairs. It must be ensured that each strand of hair has been completely covered in the application. After massaging it for one to two minutes, it is rinsed with water.

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