How To Set Up A Romantic Bath

How to Set Up a Romantic Bath You can take a romantic bath with your lover and bring back passion in a relationship. There are many ways by which you both can enjoy inside a bathroom and this article discusses some of the practical tips that you can try with your lover.

Ways to Set Up A Romantic Bath

Prepare Well to Take a Romantic Bath With a lover

You should enjoy wetness together. You should walk together in rain and should get wet, you should wash your cars together and you should take steps to get wet together. You can prepare well to have a romantic bath with your lover. You should rub scent oils on your hand and legs and you can massage these oils on his body. You should massage his back and you should massage his neck. That will arouse him. You should keep on massaging before planning a romantic bath together.

Start Your Romantic Bath With Your Lover

You can fill the bath tub with warm water and you can fill it with rose petals. You both can join together in the bathtub and you can both rub each others bodies together with warm water. You can caress his/her hair and scalp and you can rub his/her thighs and legs by lifting them slowly out of water. You can use bubble bath to make the occasion sensual and sexual. You can use bath oils to massage each other while you are taking a bath and you can light the bathroom using candles.

The best oils that you can use together are of rosemary, jasmine, mint or citrus scent and you should dilute your oil before using it. You can sip wine with your lover and that would make your bath with your lover more romantic.

Romantic Bath Both of you can sit either ends of the tub and and you should keep your legs entwined. You can make him or her spread his or her legs and you can lie back on top of him/her to have a romantic bath. You can even ask your lover to take a shower in the bathtub and you can sit at the side of the bathtub and you can make love to him.

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You can wash the parts that you plan to lick and fondle. You should shampoo your lover’s hair and you should scrub your lover’s back. You should massage the shoulders of your lover and you can use handheld shower for more pleasure.You should dry each other off after a sensual bath and you should keep up the same enjoyment that you both had while bathing together. You should kiss and make your way towards bed with your lover.

Best Sexual Position to Make Love With Your Lover Inside Bathroom

There are some sexual positions that you can try inside bathroom when you shower together. Place a rocking chair inside the bathroom. Turn on the shower and make your lover sit on chair. You should insert your vagina inside his penis and you should keep rocking on chair while water falls on you. You can make your lover to turn on a vibrator and place it over your clitoris. You should relax and you should feel the vibration passing over your clitoris and through his penis. You can place the vibrator over your breast and can enjoy the process.