How To Select & Wear Right Perfume

How To Select & Wear Right Perfume

How To Select & Wear Right Perfume Perfumes are meant for enhancing your personality. Perfumes are prepared by mixing aroma oils that have nice fragrance with aromatic compounds that gives a good quality fragrance to human body. The smell of the perfume must be pleasant enough to attract people.

Selecting the right fragrance for you:

The major mistake people do is spraying excess perfume to the point of disturbing others. Wearing excess perfume is not at all advisable. The fragrances should be mild and suitable, but not very strong such that it causes trouble to others. It is advisable that while choosing a perfume you must be careful that it matches the natural fragrance of the body. This helps a lot.

While selecting a perfume in a shop, it is advisable to try it before purchasing. It is better if it is tried on the hands. Try multiple fragrances by spraying them at different areas of the body. It is important to test perfumes on the skin when buying a new perfume. Perfumes may change their aroma when they mix with natural smell produced by an individual’s skin. Hence when it is applied to the body for a day, you tend to notice whether it suits your body or not.

Perfumes must be stored so as to retain their fragrance. It is better to use sprays and to store the perfume bottles in a cool place. It is also advised that a guy must generally prefer manly fragrances and must not go for flowery fragrance or very sweet smelling perfumes that ladies tend to go for. If your skin is a drier type, you may need to spray a bit more. Oily skin requires less as the skin’s oil makes the perfume longer lasting.

Cold weather tends to weaker the fragrance; hence, more is sprayed on. A perfume may give out a good fragrance from one person but not on another; every skin differs. If you think you have chosen one, you should allow it to remain on your body for a day so as to decide upon and finalize that option. It also enables you to find out how long the perfume lasts. It is advised to use a perfume after bath since the skin then would be softer than usual and it would be in a better position to take up the fragrance of the perfume.

It is also advised to use a soap that has little or no fragrance so that the perfume’s smell is more prominent. It is recommended to apply the perfume at places where it would retain its fragrance; that is, the inside of your wrist, elbow, neck, chest, stomach and at the back of your knees. These are the pulse points in which the fragrance stays warm as it lingers longer. You can change your perfume to check out other fragrances and to suit the occasion and even the weather.  Hot weather requires cooling fragrances that are light while stronger fragrances are used in cold weather.