How To Select Foundation Make Up For Your Skin

Foundation Make Up

Foundation Make Up Applying the right kind of foundation make up is something which women all around the world desire. From normal working women to glamorous movie stars, all women like to apply good foundation make up which makes their skin look completely natural.

Applying good foundation make up is the key to wearing good makeup. Finding the right foundation make up for your skin is therefore very important for making you look beautiful.

How To Apply The Best Foundation Make Up

Determine Your Skin Type And Needs

In order to apply the best foundation make up, you will first need to find out what kind of foundation will suit your own skin type, what your daily needs are and what sort of coverage you need. There are many foundation features which you can choose from such as liquid foundation, texture tinted foundation, stick foundation, powder foundation and cream foundation.

Choose The Right Color

The next crucial step would be to choose a foundation colour which will go perfectly well with your skin tone. In order to do so you should consult a professional makeup artist and also use good lighting and a good mirror when doing this.

Use Effective Make Up Tools

Another one of the important make up tips which could help you to acquire best foundation make up is the tools which you use when you are applying your make up. A kabuki brush for example would be a very effective tool when you are applying concealer, powder and makeup foundation.

Use A Good Concealer

If you have dark circles under your eyes, then using a good concealer will complete your best foundation make up. This is one of the most important foundation make up tips. You should apply the concealer only on those areas which require the most coverage. You should also apply it on the eye area in order to make your eye shadow last over a much longer period of time. You will need to choose a texture (cream or liquid) as well as a colour which will match your foundation makeup. You can use a colour which is slightly lighter than the colour of your skin tone for the area under your eyes.

Use Powder

One of the most important make up tips for applying foundation is the use of powder. If you are able to apply powder in a proper way, you will be able to make it last for a very long period of time. Powder will also reduce the excessive shine and will give your face the perfect finish. If you wish to have the best foundation makeup, then the powder which you use should not change your foundation colour.

You can use a kabuki brush to apply powder on your face. By doing so you will ensure that you acquire the best foundation make up. You should use a powder puff when you are powdering the area under your eyes. You should apply a very little amount of powder under your eyes and a lot of powder over your eyelids.

Make Up Tips For Different Types Of Skin

Foundation For Mature Skin

If you have aged skin, then you should opt for foundation make up which will suit your kind of skin. A few of the best foundation make up for old and aging skin are the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Type, Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer, Performance Type and Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Type.

Foundation For Skin That Is Prone To Acne

If your skin is prone to acne then you should take care about the kind of foundation make up which you choose. Make up could clog the pores of your skin to a very large extent. It is therefore important that you choose a foundation make up which will suit your particular skin type the best. When your skin is prone to pimples and acne, the best foundation for you would be one which is powder based, water based or oil free.

Your foundation should have the words Non comedogenic on its label. Examples of the best foundation for your skin would be  the mineral foundation by Escentuals for skin which is prone to acne, , Cargo Liquid ,  powder foundation by Naked Minerals, the oil free and crème liquid foundation by Laura Mercier, GloMinerals foundation and the  anti- Bacterial and anti acne foundation for those under twenty by Irena Eris.

Foundation For Skin Which Is Dry

If you possess flaky and dry skin,  the best foundation for you would be one which is liquid in its form. The best foundation would be a foundation which contains some effective moisturizers within it as well as a good amount of cream. If you have dry skin then you should avoid powder based or matte based foundation at all costs.

If you use powder based or matte based foundation, then your skin will become much drier than usual. Some of the best foundation examples for such a skin type are the Innocence Foundation by Chanel,  liquid foundation which is oil free by Laura Mericer,  Colorstay Foundation by Revlon,  SPF 15 BareMinerals Foundation and the Foundation Stick of Bobbie Brown.

While choosing the correct foundation for your skin can certainly be difficult, knowing your own skin type would certainly help. You should not pick foundation by taking a look at the advertisements. You should choose your foundation according to your individual skin type. You must always remember to remove the foundation from your face when you are going to sleep.

This is important because while foundation can certainly impart a glamourous look, it could also clog up the pores of your skin. While selecting the right foundation for your skin is an important task, knowing how to apply it well is equally essential. The above foundation make up tips will certainly help you to achieve the best foundation effect.

If you consider these make up tips then your face will look naturally bright and radiant rather than highly made up. There are also other make up tips offered by cosmetologists and make up professionals which you can consider. Make up tips are provided by almost every lifestyle and beauty magazine. The make up tips will stand you in good stead and will help you to achieve the desired results when you are applying foundation.

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