How To Role Play With Lingerie

Role Play With Lingerie Ideas For Woman. Role play with lingerie is the perfect method to spark up a relationship. This article focuses on how to role play with lingerie. You can use any creative idea to have the role play with lingerie. There are two sections in this article; one for woman and other for man.

Role Play With Lingerie Ideas For Woman.

Dominant Girl In Bedroom

You should wear sexy lingerie and should stay under the bed before he comes to the room. You should keep a whistle in hand. You should blow whistle once he is inside the room. Then you should push your toes outside the bed and circle it in air. Then you should slowly push your bare thighs and should show your panties. You should have written on top of your panties that “I am your servant. Enter me by pushing this dress”.

You should expose your navel area and you should put some candies on navel top. You should show your bra by placing a post card on top of it. You should write “lick me babe “on it. You should show your face   and should grab him and kiss him hard. Enjoy passionate sex with him.

Escort Girl Luring Her Customer For Sexual Act

You should wear a hat and dark-colored costume. You should go to the room where husband is and you should make him look at you. You should remove your clothing’s one by one till your hat and lingerie remains. You should motion him to follow you so that he gets royal treat.

You can use creative ideas like standing under an umbrella with lingerie or just bending down and showing your cleavage to him. You can sit at top of the steps of staircase and make sure that he sits below you .He should see clearly your waist area. You should lean back on your arms and should show your inner wear lingerie.

You should make sure that your pussy is visible to him through the leg hole of your panty and you should not look at him. You should use your finger to separate your panty a bit and keep acting as an escort girl. You should roll over and expose your panty fully to him. You should have written a caption on panty like “Get me fast. I am losing control”. That would turn him on and you would have the best sex of your life.

Wear a Short Bikini And Get Massage From Him

You should wear a short bikini and stand in front of him. You should ask him to massage you with lotion oil. You should make him unzip your bikini and make him rub tanning lotion. You should expose your breast through your bra, while he is massaging your back and you should play with your breast. You should bite his lips gently.

Then you should whisper in his ear that “Are you naughty to massage my breast through bra”. Be a chocolate girl in front of him
Dip your lingerie in a chocolate sauce and wear it. You should stand in front of your husband wearing only chocolate dipped lingerie and ask him to lick it. Make him explore you slowly and make him enjoy you fully. You can also dip his underwear lingerie in chocolate sauce.

Become Sporty Tennis Player In Front of Him

Become Sporty Tennis Player In Front of Him

You should wear mini tennis skirt and top. You should stand in front of him and show your lingerie. Stand near him so that he gets visual treat but you should not give him space for him to rub your backside. You should sign a tennis ball and ask him to place inside his underwear lingerie and stand in front of you. Then you should take the tennis ball from underwear lingerie and make him sign on top of your underwear lingerie and make him kiss it. Role play with lingerie ideas for man.

Idea for husbands:

Act As A Sales Rep

You should act as a sales rep trying to sell something to your wife. After each sale, you should take off each of your dress and give to her as a present. You should stand in front of her in underwear lingerie and you should state that she should undress your underwear lingerie and claim bumper prize.

Act As a Waiter

You should act as a waiter in a restaurant and make her sit on a chair. You should take orders for dinner. You should give her a pen and you should stand undress your pant and should stand in front of her in an underwear lingerie. You should make her write what she needs for night in your underwear lingerie.

You should stand in front of mirror,   and you should read what she has written. If she has written some serious stuff like “Bread and Jam” or something like that, you should convert that to any sexual form of expression that you like. You can stand in front of her and state that”bread and Jam is over but you can give her special treat with special baked French kiss” and give her hot kiss.

Computer Web Camera Tester

You should act as computer web camera tester or repair person. You should tell her that you think that computer web camera is not working. You should switch on computer web camera and make her stand near you. You should playfully remove your dress and you should stand in front of computer web camera in underwear lingerie.

Make her stand in front of computer web camera in bra and panty. Then you should state that her bra and panty is not visible in computer web camera and you would help her to become visible in computer web camera. You should make her sit with you in front of lap top and play with her. You can also whisper that “Your chip inside bra needs repair .Let me replace it”. You should play with her and have the fun in bed. You should enjoy sex by turning  off computer.