How To Revitalize Dull Hair

How To Revitalize Dull Hair

How To Revitalize Dull Hair Do you know that adequate hydration and proper cutting can do wonders for your hair? Now the problem of thin hair, hair fall and brittle hair can be easily cure anytime.

In order to cure your hair related problem you can give a try to hair packs rather than going for an expensive hair treatment offered by a beauty salon.
Now what you have to do is to follow these three simple steps and see the magic. These steps will ensure the strengthening and revitalization of your hair. The three steps are:

1) Wash your hair timely
2) Moisturize your hair
3) Take hair cut

Wash Your Hair Timely:

Our hair accumulate very much dirt, when we exposed them daily during our working hours in kitchen or in office. In such case, cleaning is the first step to get rid of the damage to the hairs. According to the hairdresser Ernani Fernandes, a good hair wash requires simple care.

First, always treat your hair in a professional manner; the head should be well wetted to receive the recommended shampoo according to your hair type. The application must be made at the top, followed by zig-zag movements with the fingers (do not scrub your fingernails) to spread the product on the scalp.

After rinsing the shampoo from the hair, the process must be repeated with attention to application of shampoo, which should now be passed from the top to the tips from top down, and rubbed the wicks very well.Waste cosmetics open precedents for drying the hairs that’s why apply the conditioner after shampoo, but be careful not to leave it in the hair.

The hair becomes soft and flows throughout the comb in the shower, and you dream to keep that feeling all day long. But do not think to leave the cream on the hair is the best way to accomplish this. “Conditioners penetrate and treat the hair, closing the scales of the wires,” said hairdresser Paulo Cesar. But never let the product in the hair after bathing because the scales do not close, the hai r has elasticity and ends up breaking for nothing. Therefore, it is also critical to use a moisturizer or leave-in after washing.

Hydration On Every 15 Days:

Revitalize Dull Hair

The hair masks usually bring good results. Now a days company like L’Oreal,Garnier, VLCC are offering a good range of hair masks. You can try hair masks for every kind of hair. The hair mask will help you to lessen the problem and the breaking of the wires decreases. By keeping a routine hydration every fifteen days, the effects of the products are much more durable.

When the hairs dry out, the tendency is to look for products for dry hair. But you must differentiate: your hair is dry or not dry? “If you have oily or normal hair and is suffering from dryness due to lack of care, need to use a moisturizing mask for your specific hair type, condition and do not trim it in that stage,” said the hairdresser Peterson Marrichi. Otherwise, wires may be looking too oily, dirty and without vitality.

Moreover, if hairs are more porous, it can weaken the roots and in result you have to face hair fall. Another important detail is that the hair should be washed prior to application of any mask or hair Spa treatment. With the clean hair the product can penetrate more deeply. The product can moisturize and will remain active on the hair for more time. Have a massage with the fingertips (and not the nails) and let the product act according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

“The mask continues to act even after it is rinsed. If you stop to wash your hair after applying it, the shampoo takes away much of the product,” says Peterson. Preserve the hair root while applying mask. The mask should be applied strand by strand, from between the wires to the ends. If applied at the top, the hair will look quite dirty, even if it has just been washed. The root releases natural oil that is mixed with any type of cream, leaves hair looking heavy.

And one cannot think you can get the mask all day. Normally, the limit of action of the products does not exceed 10 minutes. The mask opens the cuticles of the wires, so it is important to take very much care while applying, says Peterson Marrichi. Leaving the mask in the hair makes them more susceptible to attacks, such as pollution and jet hot dryer. In such cases, the mask brings more harm than good hair health, concludes the hairdresser.

Hair Cut In Every Three Months:

The hair cut depends mainly upon the hair growth of a person. Usually a person whose hair growth is at average then after three months time the hair tips begin to open and break the wires with ease. The ruffled increase the volume and the weak hairs start to fall, “said hairdresser Paulo Cesar Schettini.

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