How To Resume The Outdoor Exercises And Work Outs Even In Winter

outdoor-winter-exercise In winter we often get lazy about our daily job and the laziness becomes more acute when time of our exercise comes. But if we make the winter season an excuse to avoid our outdoor workout session, our summer days would be spoilt due to the unwanted flab on the most attractive parts of our body.

Fitness consultant Lynn Bode gives some tips to enjoy our outdoor exercise in the winter season:

Outdoor fitness tip #1:

comfort clothing

You need to keep warm both your external and internal body. External body keeps the core warm. To keep the external body warm wear comfortable gloves, socks along with proper exercise dress to keep your body warm. If the cold is bitter also guard your head. But don’t get overdressed because it causes perspiration and body becomes wet and you feel much colder. Wear silk on the extreme inner layer of the body and wool in the middle layer. On the outer layer wear something like  Gore-Tex to let moisture escape.

Outdoor fitness tip #2:

weather condition

Before going out consider the wind speed, direction of wind blowing, chillness in the weather and the position of the sun. Prepare yourself according to the weather temperature.

Outdoor fitness tip #3:

right footwear

If you are going to work out on recently fallen snows choose proper shoes so that it can prevent your slipping. Your normal sneakers would be of no use on the snowy field. So go for some water proof strong gripped footwear.

Outdoor fitness tip #4 :

consider the body condition

Your feeling of cold may differ from the other’s feeling. So before going outside just think that you are completely fit for the weather or not. Patients of diabetes, Reynaud’s, lupus, fibromyalgia or arthritis need the doctor’s advice about the outdoor exercise.

Outdoor fitness tip #5:

hydrate your body

We often forget to drink as much of water in the winter as we do in the summer.  Though in winter we do not feel thirsty as we feel in the summer season, it is equally necessary to hydrate our body in the winter season. So always carry a water bottle in your workout session.

Outdoor fitness tip #6:

pre and post workout session

Always do proper warm up before work out and properly cool down the body in the post workout session to avoid injuries throughout the year. In winter season increase the time of your warm-up session. After getting in allow your body to get adjusted with the indoor temperature.

If you follow these certain tips you would surely get enough power to fight your laziness so that you can avoid extra weight put on which normally happens to us during the winter hibernating time.


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