3 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair At Home

3 Ways To Repair Damaged Hair At Home

Only the person who is suffering knows what a terrible experience it is to have dry and damaged hair. Whatever the reason, whether it’s the barber, the chemical treatment or an accident whit the hot rollers, damaged and frizzy hair can be quite demoralizing.

Where To Begin

Damaged Hair

Since most chemical products are likely to cause further damage, you’ll be better off trying your hands at home remedies, to repair the damage that your hair has already suffered. Most of the home remedies circle around restoring the lost moisture and promoting faster growth, to make the hair manageable and healthy.

If chemical or heat treatments are the reason for the damage, you must get a few inches of your damaged hair chopped off to promote faster growth, as also to make them less brittle. If the damage is severe, you might have to go really short with your hair length.

Using Shampoo

When your hair is dry and damaged, never do the mistake of trying chemical or heat treatments, as even that harmless looking blow dryer can make the situation worse. Use shampoos which are very mild, and you also need to cut down on the frequency of using shampoos. And after every shampoo remember to revitalize your hair with conditioner and oils.

Deep Conditioning Treatment For Damaged Hair

Deep Conditioning Hot Oil Treatment

Deep conditioning and hot oil treatments, which are freely available at most drugstores, are the best way to deal with dry and damaged hair. To get the best results from conditioning, after shampooing massage in the conditioner into your hair and wrap a hot water towel around your head, to help the conditioner to penetrate deeper into your hair structure. You can even try some homemade conditioners like mayonnaise, egg mixed with olive oil, or even some cooking oil mixed with plain yogurt.

Cooking Oil Mixed With Plain Yogurt.

As for hot oil treatments, always moisten your hair a little before applying the oil, as moist hair is better able to absorb the oil. Ideally you must leave the hot oil in your hair overnight, and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next morning.

Sidharth Thakur