How To Remove Tangles From Hair

How To Remove Tangles From Hair

How To Remove Tangles From Hair You hair can get tangled very easily on a breezy day, irrespective of the fact whether it is long or short.  Improper hair care and over use of hair styling products can also lead to the hair getting tangled in a frequent manner.

Making the hair completely tangle free can be a very tiresome business, and it is very common for people to lose their temper during the process. However, instead of getting irritated, angry, and opting for desperate measures like chopping off the hair, one can also follow a systematic approach to solve this issue.

Given below are the step-by-step methods which will help you to remove tangles from your hair in an easy manner.

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning your hair is the first step to be done in the process of hair detangling. Pour a small amount of baby oil onto your hands and then apply it over your tangles, in an even manner. Do ensure that the entire portion of the tangled hair is covered in baby oil. Instead of baby oil, you can also use jojoba oil or coconut oil for the purpose. After 20 minutes, run your fingers through the tangled hair and try to separate the knots as much as possible. However, take care not to pull the hair as it may lead to its breakage.

Comb Your Hair

The next step to be done after oiling your hair is to comb it. Instead of combing in a haphazard manner and increasing the tangles, you should follow a methodical process.  Also, see to it that you use only a wide toothed comb for the purpose of combing your hair.

First, start by sectioning off the tangled portion of the hair from the untangled area. The untangled portion of the hair is to be then held in place by using hair clips. Hold the tangled portion of the hair with one hand and using the other hand, start combing it. At first, comb gently starting at a length of 1 inch from the tip of the hair. When the tangles in that region are completely taken care of, slowly move upwards and start combing from a distance of 2 inches from the tip. Continue this process until you reach the root of your hair.

Combing your hair in this slow but steady manner will help to remove the tangles in the entire length of the hair. See to that you comb only in a direction from the top to the bottom , as a reversal of direction can lead to the deepening of the knots.

The After Care Process

After detangling your entire hair, do shampoo thoroughly so as to remove the oil from the hair. After shampooing, apply a leave on hair conditioner and then towel dry your hair. After your hair has dried completely, apply a hair serum so as to prevent it from getting tangled again. If you go out on a windy day, then tie up your hair and protect it by wearing a hat or a scarf. If you have long hair, then braiding it is the best method to prevent the formation of tangles.

The Precautions

If your hair is wet, then do start the detangling process only after your entire hair has dried up completely. Failure to do so will result in the worsening of the tangles and can even lead to the breakage of your hair.