How To Remove Tan Naturally

Tanning is definitely an IN-thing but not everyone desires it and neither do everyone get one out of their own will. People who live in sunny cities usually get tanned more easily than they would wish for.

If the tan you are sporting is something you would do anything to get rid of – be it natural or artificially tanned, there are some ways to get rid of it in an effective way.

One of the best ways to remove tan naturally is to apply a mixture of rose water and lemon in the ratio of 5:1. Apply this over the skin that is badly affected from sun tan on area that you have tanned. Remember to apply this at night and then wash it off in the morning. Repeat this until your tan has faded away.

If you have turmeric available around your place, mix this with lime juice or milk and apply around the tanned area. Again, leave this aside for around 30 minutes and wash it away. Preferably, apply this before going to bath so you can wash away everything properly. This greatly helps to lighten your skin tone. Milk and lemon is required so that the turmeric does not leave behind the yellow stain on your skin. So don’t forget to mix it.

If turmeric is hard to get, you can replace it with grated tomato. Mix this well and follow the same procedure as for turmeric. But do not mix this with milk. This one works only with the addition of lemon juice. Another advantage of tomato is that it takes away the heat from your body and cools your skin. you can repeat this for a couple of weeks to see the difference.

Try some of the exfoliates like body scrubs etc. that help to reduce the tan on the skin and brings back your original complexion. In case your tan is orange-ish, you can remove these using makeup remover. Pour some in a cotton ball and wipe them around the tanned area. This is another great way to remove this type of tan. If you only need to remove the orange areas, a regular body bleach would work.

For fixing blotches on the skin, you should go for dry baking soda. Apply the dry powder on the skin and scrub them gently for a few minutes and wash them away with water.

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