How To Remove Dark Patches On Skin

How To Remove Dark Patches On Skin

How To Remove Dark Patches On Skin Dark patches are observed on skin very often. There are many reasons due to which dark patches appear. For example, due to overexposure to sunlight, dark patches may appear on skin.

People with light complexion are more prone to develop dark patches on exposure to skin. Similarly, due to some local injuries, dark patches may appear on skin. When acne becomes severe, it also leads to formation of dark patches on the face or other parts of body. Last but not the least, due to steroids and hormonal imbalance also, dark patches appear on skin.

How to Remove Dark Patches on Skin

There are many ways of removing dark patches that appear on skin. For example, a person can consult a dermatologist for getting appropriate medications for lightening dark spots. These medications may be consumed orally or applied directly on the skin. In some severe cases, plastic surgery may have to be done for removing dark patches.

Though it is an expensive way of improving looks of skin, it offers perfect results in a short period of time. Apart from above, there are some home remedies also that can be tried for removing dark patches on the skin. For example, application of garlic helps in removing these patches over a period of time. For applying, garlic is first crushed and its pulp is then rubbed on the affected area for few seconds.

It is left on skin for 15 to 20 minutes and is then washed with water. Regular use of garlic helps in lightening dark patches. It is to be understood that garlic contains certain juices that are very effective in cleansing the dirt, oil and dead cells, which get accumulated in the pores of skin. Due to blockage of pores, dark patches start forming. Garlic has good antiseptic properties also.

Though a person has to bear strong smell of garlic, which may persist even after washing the affected area, results obtained are encouraging. Similarly, onion has also been found effective in removing dark patches from the skin. For application, a thin slice of onion is cut and rubbed on the affected area. After 15 minutes, it is washed with water.

If a person uses onion regularly for few weeks, results become noticeable. Another substance found commonly at home that helps in removing dark patches is lemon. A thin slice of lemon can be cut and rubbed on the affected area. Citrus acid present is considered as one of best natural bleaching agents and helps in lightening dark patches on skin. Over a time period of two to three weeks, dark patches start disappearing.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used for removing dark patches from the skin. For application, a cotton wool ball is first soaked in apple cider vinegar and it is then dabbed on the affected area. This should be done every night before going to bed.

Apple cider vinegar is considered as a natural exfoliating agent. Since it also maintains the natural pH of skin, dark patches start disappearing over a period of time. For removing dark patches, hydrogen peroxide can also be used topically on the affected area. It is a good bleaching agent and is available at drug stores.