How To Remove Black Hair Dye From Your Hair

washing-hair Black hair dye is the toughest thing to remove from your hair, because its black pigments are deeply saturated in the body of the hair. These pigments may not just stick hard to your hair strands but may also have penetrated deeply into the shafts of your hair.

Mind you, applying a new hair color isn’t going to solve any purpose, so just drop the idea. Because, with the pigments set deep into the hair shaft, it is difficult for the hair to absorb the new color.

The usual process involves bleaching the hair to get the black pigments out of the hair structure. It’s usually a long process, and worst of all it causes a lot of damage to your hair. The hair may become stretchy and thin, because during bleaching the outer layer of the hair is peeled off, which weakens the hair shaft and makes them more fragile.

It’s best to have permanent black hair dye removed by a professional, because after the removal of the color the hair needs to be treated and conditioned and a professional definitely knows more about how to protect and revitalize your hair.

However, when you’re bent upon removing black hair dye from your hair, at home, you can pick up products like Color Fix and Color Zap, which are the safest way to remove permanent hair dye. Both these products are quite effective in color correction and removal of dark hair colors. But they are effective and safe only when you religiously follow the instructions mentioned on the pack.

If you still insist on bleaching your hair at home, then you must get yourself some deep penetrating conditioner and a hair toner to minimize the damage caused to your hair in the process. Quite often, when you are bleaching your hair, to remove permanent black hair dye, discoloration of the hair may be seen.

To avoid that, apply some toner to your hair after every bleaching session. And once you’re hair has become lighter and somewhat closer to your natural hair color, stop the bleaching and after resting for a day color your hair with the new hair color.

Sidharth Thakur