How To Remain Healthy Through Regular Exercise

There are certain things that must be done for a healthy life. Many diseases can be prevented and cured by some easy, safe and inexpensive methods which includes some exercising which can be done anytime. Ailments like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, depression, diabetes, osteoporosis etc can be cured, or atleast kept under control by exercising regularly.

Still mostly people always come up with some excuse or the other for not exercising regularly. Here we are giving you certain tips so as to avoid giving such excuses for not exercising.

Not enough time

Do you think that your hectic schedule is not leaving you with enough time to exercise regularly? If you cant spare 30 minutes for yourself, you are more liable to get afflicted by ailments and in the process you miss out a few days of work. So, in the long run, it actually consumes more time.

Exercise is a kind of a precaution you must take for not falling sick. Do it regularly without waiting for the illness to teach you a lesson. Take it as a kind of prescription. Warm up yourself for the first 5 minutes by walking or stretching. It helps your body to wake up gradually. Follow it up with vigorous exercise for atleast 20 minutes which may include walking, riding, jogging, swimming etc. you may do whatever you want but make sure you perspire enough. Then try to cool down for atleast 5 minutes.


In case you miss out the morning because you have overslept, try to make up for it later on in the day. Exercise is like medicine, it must be taken regularly. Make sure you make up by doing an evening workout before engaging yourslf in any leisurely activities after you come back from work.

Staying late at work

As soon as you get back home do a quick exercise. Say, jumping rope – 10 minutes; two sets of twenty push ups; two sets of twenty ab crunches; two sets of twenty five jumping jacks.

Extreme weather conditions

If it is too hot or too cold outside then make sure you do your workout indoors. Buy a stationary bike or a treadmill or join some nearby gym. You may also enrol in yoga classes, boot camp or spin class.

Unpredictable schedule

In case your plans for a workout has been stalled due to some unforseen engagements, then make some rearrangements. You have to compromise a bit to take time out. Say, cut short your lunch break to go out for a work, or taking your dinner after 30 minutes.

Always try to be on track and never make an excuse for not exercising. Being self indulgent in this little way is the most selfless thing you can do for yourself and for others around you. Good health must be the top priority.