How To Reduce Puffiness Around Eyes

puffy-eye One of the areas which gets most affected with this age related dry skin problem is the delicate skin around the eyes. As you catch up on age, the skin around the eyes develops dry skin spots which gradually translate into puffiness around the eyes.

Cosmetic care

The skin around the eyes is very gentle and very sensitive, so whatever products you choose to control the puffiness, you need to be extra careful in their selection. Using the same moisturizer, which you use for the remaining face and body skin, isn’t going to be fruitful and in fact may be detrimental at times. The normal moisturizers contain compounds which may be too harsh for the sensitive eye skin.

There are lots of people who believe that the problem of puffy eyes is because of the accumulation of dead skin cells, and so they go a bit rough on the delicate skin trying to exfoliate the dead cells. And if you are thinking of doing something similar, just drop the idea, because going rough can irritate the skin and can dry up the natural moisture of the skin.

Use some mild natural cleanser to clean the puffy eye skin, and resist all temptations to scrub or rub the area. Even plain water is good enough to clean this delicate skin.  After cleaning you must instantly moisturize the skin with a product that is specifically meant for the skin around the eyes.

Change your lifestyle

To fight the problem of puffy eyes, cosmetic care has a very minor role to play, and what is more than needed is a change in your lifestyle. Not enjoying a sound sleep, or over straining your eyes by watching TV or reading are some of the more common reasons for puffiness around the eyes. Ensure a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night and control your TV watching to reduce the puffiness around your eyes.

The next important thing is to drink lots of water so that your body is able to expel toxins easily. And equally important is to eat well balanced meals, which include lots of fruits and raw vegetables.

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Sidharth Thakur