How to reduce fatigue and get better energy

You should have the right food at the correct time to gain energy and reduce fatigue. I just read an interesting essay by a famous nutritionist and was quite impressed at her way of looking at things.

White flour is bad for health and so is sugar and so the intake of these should be reduced to a minimum. Cookies, muffins, pastas, white bread and fruit juices give you lots of blood sugar.This also is a cause of low energy for the body. Instead you can go on a diet of vegetables and carbohydrates.

Seeds of all types, nuts, poultry, eggs and meat give you the required energy for breakfast and lunch. Butter and walnuts can be added to your oatmeal too. During the afternoon go for a lunch that is high on energy like broccoli and chicken and green beans with chicken. Pasta should be avoided during lunch break as it is low on energy.

Greens, cooked spinach, kale, broccoli, mustard greens, beet greens, are rich in B vitamins and magnesium.

Water is an essential element of your diet plan. Drink enough water although the requirement may vary from person to person. Check with your urine so that it is a clear enough color. If it is a darker shade you need to improve on your intake of fluids. Artificially sweetened juices and drinks should be avoided.

It is not wise to skip breakfast. The use of cereals and bananas for breakfast is a great idea. The tendency to skip breakfast is a bad idea for all and especially those who are trying to trim down on their increasing weight. If you go without breakfast you tend to have a heavier lunch which ends up in you having a high intake of food or to gorge down in between meals. It is
always wise to take meals which are not too heavy and take a small snack in between in case you feel hungry.

If you are low on energy you can also try other energy boosting methods that provides for your physical as well as your mental well being. Regular aerobic exercises work better than the drugs that help in curing depression. Daily walks, biking, rising, jogging, swimming keep us energized both mentally as well as physically.

You can always plan something that is exciting. This could be starting something new like a new project that helps to stimulate your mind. This gives your body reason to gather energy. You can also look out for the activities that help you to feel revived and you will feel joyful.