How To Reduce Discoloration And Darkening Of Skin

Lack of proper care and stress can often result in skin losing its natural glow . Discoloration and dark patches also may begin to appear. Just by following a simple skin care regime, the skin can regain its natural complexion and radiance.

Sun protection- If you constantly go out in the sun without applying a good sunscreen lotion, the harmful UV (ultra-violet) rays can damage the skin in the long term by causing discoloration. Use a sunprotection lotion every time you step out and if possible use an umbrella. Applying suitable facepacks can help reduce dark patches on skin. Try some of the following;

Make a paste of red sandal powder,turmeric powder and milk and apply all over face. Reapply one or two more times after it dries up and wash off. Repeat every day for atleast two months and then follow up by applying atleast once in a week. This really helps reduce dark spots and disclouration and lightens complexion. If you have oily skin, try skimmed milk or rose water.

Mix a paste of neem leaves and turmeric powder( preferably freshly ground turmeric) and apply for 20 minutes. Do it every day for atleast one month. This helps in reducing dark spots. Grind together equal measures of cucumber, carrot and tomato and apply for 20 minutes everyday. This helps in improving the complexion.

A paste of milk, one teaspoon lime juice, turmeric powder and a little honey can help reduce blemishes on skin. This also should be applied daily. A mix of honey and lime juice also works well to brighten up face. Tomato juice also helps reduce dark patches. However this works better for oily and normal skin.

For oily skin, try applying a mixture of fuller’s earth, turmeric powder and milk and wash off after 15 minutes. Dry skin can often become discolored easily. Take care to moisturise it atleast twice a day. Reduce stress-Stress plays a large part in the way your skin looks. Stress can often cause discoloration, & wrinkles etc.

Try to be more relaxed. Find some time every day to pamper your skin by rightly cleaning, scrubbing and moisturising it. Consult with your beautician and choose the right kind of facial and do it regularly. Using the right kind of beauty products is also essential. Some of the ingredients in some beauty products may cause allergy and result in darkening of skin. So find out which one suits best for your skin.