How To Recognize the Signs of Child Abuse

child abuse signs

child abuse signs There are many signs and symptoms of child abusewhich indicates that something is going wrong with the child. By recognizing these signs, you will not only be able to help that child but also will be able to take necessary steps before the situation goes out of control.

You can also report the matter to legal authorities if the child is going through abuse of any kind. If you suspect that the child is in deep trouble then look for the following signs and symptoms as these will help you confirm your suspicion.

How to Recognize the Signs of Child Abuse

Signs that Confirm the Presence of Child Abuse or Neglect

The child shows sudden changes in his or her behavior. You may notice changes in his or her school performance. He or she loses interest in his or her studies and performs poorly in his or her exams.

He or she suddenly becomes introvert and does not like to share things with others. You may see him or her sitting alone all the time. He or she does not like to participate in social activities. He or she prefers to stay outside most of the time and does not feel like going home.

The child’s parent does not worry about his or her whereabouts. He or she always puts blame on his or her child for his or her irrational behavior and poor performance in school. The parent shows no or little interest in his or her child’s activities.

symptoms of child abuse

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The parent expects more from his or her child than he or she could handle. The parent considers his or her child a burden and does not reciprocate his or her feelings. He or she does not care whether his or her child has reached home safely after school or not.

Both child and parent do not care for each other and do not see eye to eye with each other. They are not on talking terms with each other and prefer to spend their time alone. They do not make efforts to build their relationship stronger.

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Signs of Physical Abuse

The child looks uncomfortable in the company of adults. He or she trembles at the sight of his or her parent. The child has bruises and marks all over his or her body.

The child’s parent fails to give proper explanation about his or her pathetic condition. The parent projects blame for his or her problems onto the child. The parent scolds or beats his or her child in front of everybody.

Signs of Neglect

The child shows no interest in attending school. He or she develops the habit of stealing money or food. He or she abuses drugs or alcohol to escape from his or her personal problems.

The child tries to gain sympathy from others by telling them that his or her parent does not care for him or her. The parent does not love his or her child and acts as an irresponsible parent. The parent uses drugs or drinks alcohol and always looks depressed.

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