How to Rearrange Your Closet?

Ever had the feeling that you do not have things kept in the closet properly but just stuffed?

Does it seem that all the material in your closet seems to hang in there in a precarious balance which might be lost even if you add a coin to it? Then it is time you cleaned your closet.

The first things that you might want to start off with are your clothes. Consider a general rule of thumb; if you find any attire that you have not seen or worn in two years then it is highly likely that it will never be worn again. Keep it out to be given away. You will also find that such attire will have gone out of fashion.

Every single cloth item should be stacked with the same; skirts with skirts, blouses with blouses and so on. Separate clothes for different seasons and put them separately in different drawers or places. Ensure that the clothing for different seasons has been cleaned and it is only then that you keep them away.

Put all the jewelry in boxes and use hangers for shirts. Use the hooks in the closets for umbrellas, caps and purses if you need them on a regular basis. They will hang in view and you will be able to choose from amongst them easily.

There is a concept of the hanging organizers which are very useful and it also helps you keep your jewelry and especially necklaces in order. They also have pockets where you can put your scarves, gloves etc.

The objective of reorganizing your closet should be convenience. You should be able to get the items that you need quickly. Keep all the clothes that you wear frequently in the front and amongst them, keep the work clothes ahead and the casual wears for the weekend at the back.

Install a light in the closet so that you can see everything when you open the closet door. You will find that your closet is a much more spacious place than you had earlier imagined and it will also help you remember the arrangement because there will be no shadows and dark places that you will be stacking your clothes in.