How To Put Coke In Shampoo For Hair Growth

How To Put Coke In Shampoo For Hair Growth

How To Put Coke In Shampoo For Hair Growth Are you stressed about how you can make your hair grow? Are you tired of excessive hair fall and want to get your hair growing and not decreasing? Do you think that only some magical fairy can cast some spell on your hair to make it grow?

Well, it may not be actual magic. But we do have an exceptional mixture for you which will surely help you out with your hair growth problem.

Tips To Use Coke in Shampoo for Hair Growth

Nowadays, markets are flooded with hair care products but it’s quite surprising that only a tiny can of coke can help you out with your hair growth problem. The coke that we get in the market has multiple household usages, but this coke can also be your beauty savior. It will treat your dull and rough hair and induce the hair to grow. But for this marvelous effect, you will have to put in some effort. Coke will help your hair only when it is mixed with shampoo. The procedure below will tell you how you can mix these two elements.

Make Your Own Mixture

Here we will tell you how you can prepare this mixture of coke and shampoo so as to enhance maximum growth in your hair. Take a mixing bowl to mix the two ingredients. Into the mixing bowl add two cans of fresh coke. Very carefully add 1 tea spoon of shampoo into the coke.

The shampoo has to be of moisturizing nature. Stir the shampoo inside the coke. Now take a clean towel and soak it into the mixture in the bowl. After that, wring out the excess fluid inside the prior mixing bowl. Take the wrung towel and set it aside.

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Applying the Magical Mixture To Your Hair

Now that your mixture is complete, it’s time for you to apply it on your hair and see the marvelous effects on your hair. Before applying the mixture, remember that application of the mixture only once on your hair will not create much difference. You have to apply it on a regular basis and see the results on your hair gradually.

Place your face on top of the bowl in such a way that your face is towards the bowl. Your face should be close enough to the bowl so that after application of the mixture, there is no dripping. Now take a cup and distribute the coke and shampoo mixture throughout the length of your hair. Shampooing with coke complete.

Take a wet towel and set it over your neck region and also on top of your head. Make sure that the bowl is draped into the towel along with your neck and head. Soak your hair in this position for a time span of 5 minutes.

Take lots of warm water and rinse your shampooed hair thoroughly in this water. Then follow the normal procedure of shampoo and conditioning. By the time you finish the conditioning the coke has already started working on your hair to give extraordinary results. Try this unique way of hair growth and enjoy the sweet benefits of a can of coke.