How To Prevent Weight Regain

How To Prevent Weight Regain

How To Prevent Weight Regain While gaining weight may not take much time, reducing weight may appear to be a very lengthy process. An individual may have to resort to various measures in order to bring down the weight to an acceptable level.

However, it is important for an individual to ensure that there is no subsequent increase in weight once it has been reduced to a significant level. Reducing weight may involve following strict diet charts and regular exercise. Some individuals may even resort to measures such as liposuction in order to reduce overall fat and weight.

It may be difficult for an individual to use these measures time and again in order to prevent weight regain. However, maintaining weight at the same level (after a weight reduction program) may not appear to be a difficult task if an individual maintains a strict diet and workout routine. Further, it is advisable for an individual to maintain a constant check on his/her weight in order to detect any unexpected increase in weight.

Some Common Ways to Prevent Weight Regain are As Follows-

Develop Exercise Routine

While an individual may have spent number of hours in a gym to reduce weight, there is no need to go to a gym to prevent weight regain. A simple brisk walk of 30-45 minutes on a daily basis can help in reducing the chances of weight regain.

An individual can also learn and use various Yoga postures to increase flexibility of the body and keep weight at an optimum level. Yoga can be practiced even at home and at the convenience of the individual. However, in order to gain maximum benefits, yoga should be practiced with empty stomach or at least three to four hours after having a meal. A proper mix of different types of exercises can help an individual in preventing a situation of increase in weight.

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Maintain Healthy Diet

It is important to maintain a healthy diet after a weight reduction program. Reducing the consumption of junk and oily foods can help in reducing the possibilities of weight regain. Intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits can help in meeting the basic nutritional requirements of the body.

In case an individual is not sure on the diet that may be taken, it is advisable to consult a dietician or a health consultant. An individual can also specify the details of the weight reduction program (that was undertaken by him/her) to the consultant in order to obtain a clear guidance on the types of foods that can be consumed in order to prevent weight regain. In addition to proper diet, adequate intake of water can also reduce the chances of weight regain.

Reduce Stress Levels

Many individuals have a habit of consuming more food when they are under any kind of stress. Yoga and meditation can be used to control stress and tension levels which may prevent intake of excessive food. Improper sleep has been found as a cause of increase in weight. Therefore, it is important for an individual to sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning.