How to Prevent Migraine Attacks

Migraines can be very disturbing and the recurrence of these headaches tends to trouble a lot.

Here are some tips to prevent and treat migraines:In case there is an acute migraine attack, then one way to reduce the pain is by immersing the feet in a hot water tub.

Do not strain yourself. Ensure that you are seated in a comfortable position. Do not read or watch television while you are at it. It will only strain the eyes more and increase the headache. Switch off or lower the glare of the lights. In this manner, not only will your attention not be diverted, but also the muscles of the eyes will relax.

Put a cold water soaked cloth on your forehead such that it covers the eyes as well. It will benefit in two ways. Firstly, it helps soothe the tensed muscles of the head and the eyes.

Secondly, it helps in reducing the pressure off the head by pushing blood to the feet. When you have an acute migraine attack, the best option is to sleep it off. So when you are relaxed enough, hit the sack. By the time you wake up, the pain will be gone.

However, there are ways to prevent migraines from occurring in the first place. The most important of the remedies involve you leading a fit and healthy life. Ensure that you exercise regularly and that your diet constitutes of food that are rich in all nutrients and minerals.

Food contents with excess tyramine, sulphites and nitrates will help in effectively curing migraine headaches. Wine, nuts, pressed meats and sharp cheese will help you with these contents in the body.

Drink plenty of water that will help keep the body hydrated and will constantly remove the toxic substances out. This is effective in preventing allergies to occur as allergies are one of the major causes of migraines.

The immune system will also considerably develop. Stop smoking and reduce excessive alcohol consumption. Do not sleep late and stick to a schedule. Migraines have been associated with erratic change in the body clock. Ensure that you meet your doctor to look for the reason for these attacks for a more effective cure.