How to Prevent Make Up Meltdown?

No matter how much effort you might have put in to get the makeup right for you, it all starts to fade off the moment you step out in the sun or a place that is relatively hotter. There are reasons why makeup does not last long in the heat.

One of the reasons has been attributed to oily structure of the skin. It tends to be oilier in summers than in winters. Hence it becomes vital that the oil be controlled. One must skip moisturizer or must use a lighter one, to avoid skin from being extra oily.

Lipstick that is long wearing can stand both heat and humidity. Use such lipsticks if your work requires you to move around a lot. For the same reason, use eye shadow primer that is waxy. Such primers help keeping away oil from the skin.

It is suggested that a powder based product be used for foundation. Always directly press or apply loose powder over the foundation. His helps seal it and the make up too. It is advised that a fan brush be used as it allows better and more evenly spread out foundation.

If you use an eye crayon, then stop. It does not help in maintaining the skin tone and the oily tone remains without it being prevented. Use pencil or liquid eyeliner.

This first of all is applied on a lesser area and hence covers only a small portion of the skin. Also, it being a relatively strong adhering agent does not get washed away in the extra oil that gets generated due to heat. Hence the eye makeup does not get smudged.

Always try light makeup if you know that your routine involves exposure to heat. A lighter make up is always the better answer as it is easy to maintain and easy to be dealt with in case the heat melts it off. A heavier makeup should be avoided until you are absolutely sure that you will be in a place where heat is less.

Lastly, use a lot of foundation to hide smudges and blemishes, and then apply the makeup.