How to prevent getting tricked on internet dating sites

Online dating seems like a quick fix to all your dating problems. On the forefront it seems quite a nice idea to be able to find dates and relationships sitting in the cozy comfort of your home and browsing the net. And without doubt it seems very attractive to be able to find dates with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, we cannot overlook the explicit fact that people often get scammed and spammed in their chase for love on these internet dating sites.

No wonder, most people are still not willing to experiment with online dating because they are not sure about what type of people you may come across on the net and that you cannot easily make out when somebody is taking you for a ride. There is also unease about whether or not the personal information you submit to these dating sites will remain safe on their servers. Anyways, here we will talk only about how you can avoid getting into traps by scanning the potential profiles properly before initiating any contact with them.

Scanning potential profiles

There are lots of disgusting types of profiles which you’d rather avoid, and here is a small list of things which should work as warning signs.

•    People giving their contact details on the profile page so that it’s accessible to every one.

•    If emoticons, celebrity pictures, graphics or porn photos have been used as the profile picture. Any photos of other body parts  with the face hidden are also included in the warning signs

•    If the photos are not clear distorted and the face of the person is not clearly visible

•    If the profile seems to be too good to be true, then most likely things won’t be true.

•    If the language used is loose and filthy, or even if it is too sexy or brutish.

•    If a member seems to be showing interest in too many members.

•    And lastly, if the profile doesn’t speak clearly about the member and his interests or contains information that seems too personal or that is irrelevant.

When checking out other people’s profile act cautiously, to avoid getting stuck in some trap. There are lots of pranksters out there who make fake ids just to attract you and get your information so that they can misuse it.

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Sidharth Thakur