How To Prevent Fashion Don’ts

How To Prevent Fashion Don'ts

How To Prevent Fashion Don'ts Often in order to present oneself fashionable people unknowingly cross the fine line and make a fashion blunder. Sometimes, however, that can also be the result of your ignorance or poor fashion sense.

Here we will let you know which exactly are considered as fashion mistakes and how you can prevent fashion don’ts occur in your life.

Tips To Prevent Fashion Don’ts

The Strict No-No’s

Avoid the most common fashion mistakes first of all. Do not follow fashion trends blindly. Do not try to dress like someone else or get yourself a dress that looked fabulous on some other person. Wear what suits you the best with respect to the cut, style and colors. Take into consideration the weather, season and occasion too.

Colors – When to Choose Which

During summer months try to wear colors that are soothing to the eyes and pale in nature. Light hues would make you feel more comfortable and cool when the sun burns too bright. Dark hues are mostly for the winter season whereas bright colors are good for winters as well as springs too. Avoid wearing glittering, shimmering, shiny dresses or flashy colors in day time and especially during summers. That can become your worst fashion blunder. Also make sure that you do not dress like a rainbow with too many colors added in your dressing.

Dress Your Age

Trying to look younger can make you a laughing stock. Dress gracefully that suits your age and brings out your personality instead of trying to look like a school girl or a teenager when you have crossed that age decades back.

Dress for the Occasion

Make sure of the type of occasion you need to attend. If it’s a formal one then never even think of dressing casually while in an informal event dressing formally would look too weird.

Accessorize Correctly

The first rule is not to overdo with the accessorizing. At any cost avoid mixing or mismatching the metals of your dress and accessories. If you are wearing a silver earring then do not wear a golden necklace or chain with that. Make sure that the metals used for your entire dressing are same.

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Uncomfortable or too high shoes should be simply avoided. Sunglassesshould be reserved for wearing outdoors during daytime only and should never be worn at night or in the interiors.

Choose Your Lingerie with Caution

Choosing the wrong lingerie can be termed as a sin instead of a fashion mistake. Lingerie should always be invisible and should go unnoticed. Bras should always provide strong support. Choose the shade, material, cut and style of your lingerie accordingly.

Other Fashion Don’ts to Avoid

Wrinkled clothes top the list when it comes to things that you must avoid to stay away from a fashion crime. You must also steer clear from oversized, too-tight, too-big, too-short or ill-fitting clothes. You should be comfortable in the clothes you wear.

Blouses and shirts should not be gaping. They should not reveal more than what they are meant for. The buttons of shirts and blouses should always be in place. Do not put emphasize (through clothes) on features that are not much of a plus point for you. Avoid exposing too much of bare flesh by wearing too revealing clothes, especially in office or at your workplace.