How To Prevent Dry Skin and Winter Itch

Winter winds are beginning to blow and it’s about this time of the year that most people begin to notice dryness in their skin. This is not the only issue; dry skin leads to flaking and itchy skin.

Dry and itchy skin tends to get dry and look scaly and also gets discolored. It looks unhealthy and unappealing. If you experience dry skin then you need to pay attention to your skin and care for it in order to ensure that it is well nourished and moisturized.

Most beauty experts are of the opinion that drinking water helps to keep your skin well hydrated; however this may not be so. Merely drinking water will not help to hydrate your skin if it is dehydrated. In order to offer your skin the required amount of hydration you will need to soak your skin in water for a few minutes. The dehydrated skin will absorb the water and hydrate itself.

In winter we tend to have hot baths and this is one of the reasons for the skin getting dehydrated. Hot water strips the skin of the natural oils and this leads to dehydration. Though hot water seems very appealing on a cold night it is in your best interest to have a warm bath or shower.

This will helps to clean your skin and will prevent loss of natural oils from your skin. Slather a rich amount of moisturizing lotion or oil on your skin immediately after a bath; since the pores on your skin are open they will absorb the moisturizer and nourish your skin.

When you notice your skin getting dry or dehydrated the first thing you need to do is exfoliate your skin. Use a mixture of oatmeal and honey and massage the paste on your skin. The oatmeal will get rid of the dead skin cells and the honey will nourish your skin.

Continue to exfoliate your skin in this manner every week in order to keep your skin healthy and nourished in winter. You can also use oatmeal soaps or exfoliating soaps in winter on a daily basis in order to keep your skin looking healthy and nourished.