How To Prevent Dandruff?

The problem of dandruff can be both irritating as well as intimidating, but since it is a problem with no definite cure, prevention is the only option. You may try all the possible cosmetic options available today, but you still cannot be sure that it won’t resurface.

Dandruff is nothing but an excess of dry flakes of your dead scalp, and on a daily basis your scalp sheds out the dead cells. But sometimes this flaking becomes a little too much, usually because of a dry scalp condition.

Dandruff Prevention, listen to your grandmother who often keeps telling you to wear a hat before you step out in the sun. Wearing a scarf or a hat will prevent your scalp skin from getting damaged by the harsh sunrays. But well, we do understand that you can’t always have your crowning glory concealed under a cover, so we will suggest using a hair serum to keep the scalp moist and prevent sun damage.

Again the same two solutions are valid when it comes to protecting your hair from the cold winter breeze, because cold winters again can leave your scalp dry and irritated.

Going in for at least two hair washes a week will help get rid of the dead scalp skin that’s accumulating on your head and you will experience less flaking. Keeping your hair clean and properly conditioned will help keep dandruff at bay. After washing and conditioning you can always use a leave-in conditioner or a hair moisturizer. Also using specially formulated herbal oils to massage your scalp before washing will both prevent dandruff and soothe irritation.

Chemical hair treatments such as hair color, chemicals straightening, perming can also make your scalp prone to dandruff, and if you already have dandruff the problem might just aggravate leaving you with an itchy scalp. Equally damaging are heat based treatments for your hair, and that’s one reason you should stay away from using a hair dryer.

Although dandruff problem can be somewhat tricky to deal with, it’s certainly not impossible to prevent. So even if you’ve never had any bad dandruff experience, it is still advisable to follow the precautions because you never know when the problem may crop up.

Sidharth Thakur