How To Prevent Blonde Hair From Turning Green From Pool Water

How To Prevent Blonde Hair From Turning Green From Pool Water

How To Prevent Blonde Hair From Turning Green From Pool Water Swimming is considered as one of best exercises for having a perfectly shaped body. Normally, people swim in swimming pools as these are safe and easily accessible. Water of swimming pool contains different types of chemicals, which are added for preventing infection.

For example, water in most of swimming pools contains chlorine, which affects skin and hairs adversely. It has been noted that due to chlorine, blonde hairs tend to become green. Many people having blonde hairs notice a green tint in their hairs after few days of regular swimming.

Green tint destroys the beauty of blond hairs and makes a person look unattractive. In fact, green color can be unhealthy for hairs also. For preventing green tint in blonde hairs, some steps can be taken.

How to Prevent Blonde Hair from Turning Green from Pool Water

One of best ways of preventing blonde hairs from turning green from pool water is to reduce the frequency of swimming. Rather than swimming in a pool regularly, a person should swim for two to three days in a week. There must be a gap of one or two days between two swimming sessions.

This would help in keeping up the beauty of blond hair as green tint in them is avoided successfully. If it is not possible to give break in swimming, it should be tried to avoid long continuous periods of swimming. If blonde hairs are subjected to chlorine containing pool water continuously, it would be very difficult to prevent them from containing green tint.

Hairs must not remain wetted in pool water for more than one or two hours. Even if a person has to spend lots of hours in swimming pool, he must try to monitor the time hairs are exposed to chlorinated water. Head can easily be prevented from dunking under the water surface by coming out of pool frequently. This would definitely help in preventing blonde hair from turning green from pool water.

Another step that can be taken for saving blonde hairs from chlorine contained in pool water is to wear a swim cap. Wearing swim cap helps in preventing hairs from being exposed completely to different types of chemicals contained in pool water. Swim cap is easily available at sport supply stores. Swim cap is normally worn by those people who remain in water continuously.

For example, people preparing for swimming competitions have to remain in water for extended hours and thus, should wear swim cap for saving hairs from harmful chemicals. Another way of preventing blonde hairs from turning green from pool water is to rinse hairs immediately after swimming session is over. It is not necessary that hairs are washed with shampoo. Rather, a thorough rinse can help in removing all chlorine from hairs and in preventing build up of chemicals on hair strands.

If chlorine or other chemicals have already deposited in hairs, special shampoos should be used for removing them. For example, Paul Mitchell Shampoo is one of them. This shampoo is massaged on wet hairs and rinsed with tepid water. Strong and healthy hairs help in resisting the action of chlorine on blonde hairs. Thus, hairs should be conditioned regularly by using a deep conditioner.