How to Prevent and Treat Sunburn

There are many ways to avoid and prevent sunburn and keep your skin in a healthy and supple state.

During summers it is hard not to have a sun bath or go out for a swim. But it is equally important that you take the right measures to avoid the overzealous exposure to the heat resulting in sunburn.

It is said that most of the symptoms of the sunburn may appear within an hour but they will not show completely till after a few hours and at times even a day. Skin may turn a dark shade of pink or red and it may feel hot and painful.

The best option to prevent sunburn is to avoid direct exposure of sunlight as much as possible. It is suggested that one stays out only for a short duration between 10 AM and 3 PM, as then the sun light is at its peak.

Wear clothes which cover most of the parts of the body if not all. Whenever out in sun, these clothes are to protect you from the direct exposure of sunlight. This is another reason why it is also advised that you wear light clothes made of natural fibers and have them loose on you.

In case despite all the measures mentioned above, you still have sunburns, then here are the ways to treat them properly.

Sun burns are caused when the skin goes too dry and the heat starts to affect the cells exposed to it. It becomes important, in case of a sun burn, that the skin may remain moisturized and it is also suggested that one does not use the regular moisturizer. A gentle non irritating moisturizer that does not contain any thing in excess will suffice.

However, it becomes important that you cool the sun burnt area the moment you discover it. This will be done by dampening a wash cloth with cool water and applying it on the area. A cool shower is always welcome.

If one adds baking soda to the bath water, then it will directly affect the skin and help reduce the sun burnt spots. Use of aloe vera leaf gel is also effective.