How To Prevent And Treat Diaper Rash

How To Treat Diaper Rashes Effectively

How To Treat Diaper Rashes Effectively Rashes can be pretty painful things for your little one no matter how bad they are. Babies can suffer a lot from diaper rashes which can be painful and nagging if not taken care of. Rashes are quite common in babies who are under a year old and they usually happen because of the diaper rubbing against the baby’s soft skin.

In many cases these rashes may be caused due to yeast infection and so  you have to take special care to ensure that your little one remains fresh and dry so as to minimize the chances of diaper rashes.

How to Prevent Diaper Rashes in Your Baby

Keep Your Baby Nice and Clean

Rashes are usually a result of moisture accumulating in the folds of the baby’s skin. Thus, you must ensure that there is minimal moisture trapped in the nappy. Change the baby’s diaper at regular intervals. You must not leave the baby in a soiled nappy for too long. Bacteria from urine and stool can also lead to the accumulation of yeast and cause bad rashes. Whenever you clean the baby, wipe well with a soft cloth and then pat dry so that there is no trace of moisture. After that generously apply baby powder so that it absorbs any moisture. If you do this on a regular basis, you will be able to reduce the onslaught of rashes.

Use Products That are Meant for Baby’s Gentle Skin

If you see that your baby is prone to diaper rashes easily, it’s a confirmation that he/she has a sensitive skin. In such a situation it is important that you take extra care. Use only specific baby products. Try and switch to natural and organic products which will be mild on the baby’s skin.

Treat Diaper Rashes Naturally

Use an old fashioned soft cloth to wash your baby’s bottom when you clean him/her. A baby with a sensitive skin may develop rashes from commercial wipes as well. So choose your baby products well.

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Treat Diaper Rashes Naturally

Do not rush to apply medicines whenever your little one develops rashes. Look around your house you may find numerous things that you can use. You can rub some yogurt on the baby’s bottom if he/she develops rashes. Bring the yogurt to room temperature and apply it to your skin with your fingers. Wash well and pat dry after 10 minutes.

You can use a water and vinegar solution to wash your baby when you change the nappy. Mix quarter of a cup vinegar with water and wash the baby’s bottom well, so that infection caused from urine can be minimized. One of the best natural ways of keeping your baby free from diaper rashes is by adding ground oatmeal into the baby’s bath water. Coarsely grind a cupful of oatmeal in the grinder and add it to the baby’s tub, mix nicely and then bathe your baby.

It will help keep the baby free from rashes. Other than these try and minimize the use of nappy. When you are at home take off the nappy. It will allow some air circulation and also prevent any yeast infections. Especially during summer the moisture level is high so change the diaper often.